Retail Experiences


So I’ve been working in retail jobs for almost 3 years now and I’ve certainly have had my share of experiences. Many of these experiences are bad, and the others are just horrible. I thought it would be interesting to share some of the stories we have from both a customer and from a employee perspective.

As a customer I really hate walking into a store and being tackled by the employees that work there. Like they will not leave you alone for one second, pushing every sale or spouting knowledge about products I don’t care about or showed any interest in. Its part of the reason I hate going to the mall nowadays.

As a employee I realize there’s a lot of crap we have to deal with. Like for instance there was the one time we found that someone took a crap in the fitting rooms. And there are so many annoying customers that we have to deal with. I cant begin to count the number of times someone says that they saw something on sale when the sign clearly did not say it was. But one of my personal favourite stories was when i was working in a bike shop and a customer asked me why was it so hard to shift gears on the bikes we have on display. Now I’ve been watching him this whole time struggle to shift a the gear while the bike was not in motion, which is impossible to do since you’re not actually allowing the chain to move if you’re not pedalling.

So I begin to to describe how the shifters work and why what he was attempting wasn’t working but midway through my explanation he cuts me off and asks me “You think I don’t know all of this already?” At this point I’m just at a loss for words because I’m trying to think of a way to respond without insulting him but then before I could get my thoughts together he adds “I OWN A MOUNTAIN BIKE.” I’ve never heard someone say anything this proudly before in my life. Not knowing what else to say to this guy I just turn around and walk away.

So what about you guys? Do you have any funny/horror stories?


Old Troll and some Snu Snu

[details=Spoiler] This one old dude trolled my whole store.
Apparently he won some BBQ contest in Philly. The prize was a HUGE shopping spree at ANY Kmart store in the U.S. and a lot of money.
Oh it was our lucky day! He decided to shop around our store in NorCal. Motherfucker fills up dozens of carts full of food, clothes, all kind of shit. He had an estimated 6k worth of junk in those carts. He literally emptied out our half of our mens’ clothing section and dry foods section. Apparently he had a blues/folk band and their were going to buy RV’s and travel cross country w/ their families, share their musical sounds with the masses and eventually record an album.

One of the million assistant managers at my store just saw $ signs and immediately had me taking care of the old dude. Following him around getting all this stuff for him, yada, yada, yada. I was the go to guy. Higher ups were training me to be a well rounded employee, So I knew how to do pretty much anything inside the store. I always got paired up with some of the other coworkers who knew their way around the store. Awesome people.

Anyways, as I’m picking out cereals for this MF’er. He says, “Hey, man. I’m starving. You got a restaurant here in the store? You got burgers and shit?”
(My store has a Little Ceasers shoved into the back area)
I say "Yessir, we got pizza, dogs, subs and popcorn"
Then he says "Oh before I go eat, could ya get me some seat cushions and some peanut butter"
I reply, “Yea, sure thing” (Inside I’m just so beat and annoyed. :arazz: I knew he was trolling us, but fuck my manager sucked. :bluu:)
My manager passes by, stops, points the old dude towards the cafe. I start looking at him and give him the “Is this nigga serious” look.
Manager just nods and says "get to it, man. Big bucks! It’s really gonna help our store"
I’m ready to fucking die.

20 mins pass by, my manager tells me to push carts over to the front cashiers. The dude was arguing over at customer service.
Something didn’t go right
The troll tried to pay for his pizza with a lottery ticket.:lol:
To majority of the stores’ staff/customers surprise the dude was :looney: and we got loss prevention on him.
Manager straight up told me, "Hey, take the day off. You worked hard and you really showed patience with that guy. Although he did fuck us over. "
I feel bad for the other guys who had to restock carts full of merch.
Greatest Monday ever… :woot:

This one time I had this tall white chick some in looking for one of those cruiser bikes. I’m 5’5 so this was one of those “Snu Snu” moments
Oh my gawd, She had some nice long brown hair, nice chest, amazing legs/thighs (think Super-Yan status) She picked out a bike she liked.
She asked,. "Can I test this out. Is that okay"
Inside I’m all like "Whatever you want, just please turn around let me see what you’re wokin’ with :clapdos: "
I say, "Yes ma’am go ahead"
Lady nods and says, "ok, cool. Man,I’m so tall, I don’t know if this bike is for me. Could you hold my purse?"
She gets on, rides away towards the toy aisle.
I just start staring at her ass. pedaling left/right/left/right :woot::lovin::clapdos:
Inside I was going crazy. Like my Yamazaki AV
She comes back points out she wants the seat adjusted and some more air in the tubing.
She takes a couple more spins. She technically isn’t supposed to, but ruck fules!
In the end she takes the bike and thanks me for being so helpful.
She might’ve spent $100 on that jank ass bike, but that moment was priceless! [/details]


One of the beauties of working with bikes is every now and then you get to see a view like that. Not as often as I’d like but its still a beautiful sight :pleased:


I used to work as a bagger in a grocery store. This one time, I accidentally dropped a customer’s bottle of wine. Luckily, it didn’t shatter or even leak. So I said “it looks like it’s ok” and the customer said “yeah but now I can’t open it” so it got sent to damaged goods somewhere in the back.

I didn’t know what he meant by that. But I felt like a dumbass that day.


i bought some oreo cakesters one time and they were very delicious


This thread has a few stories.


I have had some of the worst people come into the copy and print department of staples, but none were as stupid as the man that sent his wife down to get a book binded, Which was botched. What ever it was that was making him what he claimed to be the amount of Millions of dollars couldn’t be backed up onto a device prior to having it printed. So We reprinted the documents which lost certain parts of color because it was already transparent as it was. so he came back, retold the same story, his claimed “Millions,” took a dive into the thousands as he red faced and nearly in tears gets shat on buy 4 other people that were in line (that he cut past) All asking him why was he so stupid. One elderly lady in particular stating " If it was worth that much money, why didn’t you put it on a floppy disk?"

Managers came and gave him a cupon or some shit like 25 dollars off or something. After that guy stormed of I lol’d so hard and so did the people in my line except for the lady who came at him with the floppy disk she was actually salty before he came in.