Retarded jax. K.Wal Invintational...very very very ghetto


Well even though this tourny doesnt compare to the tounies ive been to before. No one from team jax was there (abosultly no mvc2 comp or cvs2 comp well reallt good cvs2 comp). Anywwayz thxs to kenneth for doing this…

MvC2 Singles 10 people
1st J.D Angerson xBlackheartx (Team scrub Blackheart/Storm/Cyclops)
2nd Kenneth Waller KWAL (Team scrub)
3rd Enrique??? (wrong spelling in know) (Magneto/Strorm/Sentinel)

Well you know this tourny had to suck if i won :lol: but really they should stop doing the mvc2 part of this invitational. No one really plays this game but mee…sorry i cant remember the last 6 but it doesnt matter.

CvS2 Singles 10 people
1st Kenneth Waller KWAL A-Groove Sakura/Bison/Rolento
2nd Lauren ??? :eek: :eek: N-Groove Sakura/Ryu/Joe
3rd JD Angerson xBlackheartx C-Groove Raiden/Blanka/Sagat

This was an interesting tourny. I really under estimated Lauren and her Joe kicked me around like a little bitch. KWAL you got alot better espcially with Bison CC.

IM not sure about the DBZ and MK5 tournies but i know KWAL won both of them he’ll probably post up the results as soon as he gets done with finals. Too bad this thing wasnt apex i would have gotten 1000 points :bluu:

ken could you post enrique’s and lauren’s last names i dont remember them.


it was at my friends house(Kenneth i think you’ve seen him before), he basically got a bunch of people from UNF to play in a couple tournies, it sucked though…bad. There was more people playing in the dbz tourny than the mvc22 +cvs2 combined


Dragon Ball Z tournament, where was that? Neways, u know it was ghetto when u guys spelled invitational wrong:lol: :lol: :lol: good job jd.


Let me be one to say: YOU GOT BEAT DOWN BY A GIRL!


:lol: yeah it was ghetto…it was located at my friends house. He said he probably wnt have another mvc2 tourny since no one really plays it but me. But they will keep cvs2.

and GB i got my revenge back today using K-Groove Blanka/Joe so stfu.


unf plays games???:confused:


u have a problem with that???..but onyl i few now…just ggxx


Course UNF plays games! There are like 400,000 asian kids there. Well, actually when I went there not a damn person seemed to play…guess in the old days the asian peoples were all trying to race and get laid.


Hey let me know when the next CvS2 tourny’s gonna be. I wanna join!


can u have the next cvs2 tourney on CvS2 live for xbox so i can enter from NY?


lol ok well try to have it xbl…but if you win how will you get your money…

and cj ill hit you up next time there is one…dontknw when seems like everybody here isnow getting into GGXX and Counterstrike…if you came though youwould probably beat us all down


No, Xbox Live. No arcade stick for it yet. =) Anyways, BTW, JD it’s sad that you gave up an opportunity to see Ricky, Art, and Desmond play to goto this other tournament. Not to dis Kenneth or anything, but there were TOP level players you could’ve watched and learned from. I know I learned so much about CvS2. I gonna start playing it more since we all kinda stopped for a while. Anyways…yea, let me know about the next tournament. I want to play CvS2 more and more now. And maybe I’ll get GGXX. Play that a lil too. We’ll see.


this tournment was held in january, i wanted to go to the one last weekend but i just started my new job on the day of the tourny…lol i wish i could have learned more about cvs2 im still having trouble roll cancelling…(i can only roll cancel charge moves lol)

btw did you guys tape any of thier matches in cvs2/mvc2???