Retiree punched kids at Walmart for fun


I can understand a nice WHAP to a bratty kid, but with keys and blood?

this probably wouldnt be as funny if i had kids.
but i cant stop laughing.

“I just knew I couldn’t let him go,” she said.

Vanessa said she took her son’s hat off and found some blood. A Columbus Division of Fire rescue squad was called, and her son was treated for a minor cut.

This reminds me of a quote from The Lonely Man.

lmao aww man, they need to let that old nigga live!

I’m sure he’ll be getting some knocks on the back of the head soon. Donkey punch bitch.

This is fucking hilarious :rofl:

I get a laugh at fucked up shit all the time, but this isn’t funny to me at all. What a prick. That’s sociopath behavior

god damn that’s messed up. I thought this was going to be about some old dude slapping misbehaved kids at walmart but this is way worse. when you punch someone with keys in your hands you’re looking to do some serious damage. totally fucked up.

weres a ownd picture when you need one?


Damn I wonder how many kids he hit like that lol. Hahaha fuck that old man.

lol grumpy old men extreme

Now now, I’m pretty sure EVERY kid has something that deserves a knock on the back of the head and (thought they had) gotten away with it. But with KEYS? LOL WTF, old dude?

wow that old dude is a jerk. he’s really trying to hurt someone

That old man got some hate in his heart.

Surprised its not one of the SRK OG’s… or is it?

His disregard for the children is very striking.