Retractable USB cable

Anyone ever saw a way to built in a retractable usb cable inside an arcade box?

i would like to do so and im thinking about hacking open a measuring tape.

Any idea before is do this?

my laptop mouse has a retractable cord… it’s very thin btw…

maybe you can you that part…

actually when you ‘‘stretch’’ this kind of USB cable the mechanism stays in the middle of the cable. Im looking for something more like a measuring tape or better.

ive been trying to do something like that…i think that would be sick.

your best bet is you’re gonna have to make it yourself…or just go wireless.

wireless is not that interesting for me. I hate dongles.

I was once really interested in making a mechanism like this for use with my custom arcade sticks, but never really got around to researching it. Good luck with your research and I hope you come out with something cool.

problem is that the retractable mechanism is not designed to be strentch long term


Goodluck and let us know your findings. I would love to do that for a charge cable.

i got to agree with this. the spring would be fucked if it stays tighten for a big amount of time.

maybe a small motor with a button?

im just guessing here.

Maybe just build a bay into your stick where you can slide it all the way in and just let it wrap around however it feels like. Don’t know how well that would turn out, but It sounded good in my head.

yeah i tought about this. But i will need to find a smaller/thinner cable than the regular one…

any ideas?

You could work it like a house crank works.

Spin a wheel on the side and wheel it up and just pull it out when needed. It would look a little ghetto, but you could possibly desguise it with a hinge and a crank that folds in.

I hate dongles too. I went wireless using an Axisdapter and various USB adapters to mount the plug flush…

More pictures at my website…

Use a fishing reel.

Just about to post that.

way to ghetto for my ghetto taste

How about buying one of those cheap retractable keyrings, they only seem to unwind one way… maybe you can mod one of those?

not sure where you would get the ultra thin/flexible usb cables to replace with though… prob from one of those retractable usb cables aswell?

yeah but can you lock the cord?

What you need is something like the retractable cord from a vacuum cleaner

yes i know… but i checked and the mechanism is wayyyyy too big !