Retrieve a file?

So here’s my situation:

Downloaded a file off a website and clicked on “open as” and not "save as."
Edited the file and saved it by pressing cntrl+s.
So I exited word and turned off computer.

So is there anyway I could get the file back again? I don’t think I saved it on my computer, but maybe there’s a temp file or some shit lying around. Any idea where I could check? I’ve tried searching my computer for the original file name, but got nothing. This happened about 2 days ago.


download it again…

Yeah, but I edited the file. Which took about 2 and a half hours.

Try going to:

local disk (usually C:)
-> Documents and Settings
—> [your profile name]
-----> Local Settings
--------> Temp

It’ll hopefully be in the Temp folder. :slight_smile:

Use the search function to search for files modified on the day when you saved the file. Unless you’re computer crazy, I expect there won’t be many, and this will further be limited by the file type which you are looking for. It will most likely be in the temp file, as kekken3 suggests, but so will a great deal many other files. Also be sure to “Show hidden files and folders” in My Computer->Tools->Folder Options->View (assuming you’re on 2000/XP…if you’re not then google the procedure for your OS).

You can also check you “recent documents” folder. I have found many a porn clips I thought I had lost in there.

Yeah - and check under Word’s Recent Files too. It should be there. If you know the file name, search for the file name.

Thanks for all the info guys. Unfortunately, I’m fucked. Couldn’t find the file anywhere. I think I screwed myself when I re-downloaded the file. It must have saved over the original or something… oh well.

Thanks again.