Retro Fighters: New Sega Saturn/Genesis controller


Retro-Bit are taking forever to release theirs. It will be compatible with both consoles.

They did a pretty good job with their N64 controller, this might turn out good.


Question would be how they are handling the Dual nature of the controller?
Do they have encoders for both systems inside, or there one Encoder and an Adapter?

I also be more incline to get the controller if they remove the analog thumb stick.


I would like it more if Retrobit or 8bitdo would release a Saturn PCB like they have for other older controllers.


They probably have the thumb stick for some of the games that can use it like Nights on the Saturn.


Would be interesting if the d-pad was of a similar softer material to that of the OG Saturn MKII controller. Looking at these pics it would appear as though it’s some kind of hard plastic which would be a bit of a thumb killer for me.


It’s a prototype, I would hold off my own judgement until we start seeing reviews.


going to be nice rocking xvsf with this., I’ll keep my eye on this, :slight_smile: