Retro Game Master

New episode is up: Bonanza Bros.

This is a good show - check it out

The other episodes that have aired so far are Ninja Gaiden and Super Fantasy Zone

I agree with this thread.

Ninja Gaiden ep was the fucking shit, memories!

his cronies on the ninja gaiden ep seemed to be pros of the highest caliber, they all, yeah we get you back to the last boss no problem

Ugh, I wanna watch the Ninja Gaiden episode, but I hate going through Kotaku to try to find it. Can someone hook me up with a Youtube link?

LordKat did it better.

one is a distinguished japanese gentleman, the other a less fat kevin smith, I think the choice is easy

Don’t live in the US so I can’t watch this review =[

Dosen’t matter though, the only retro gamer I watch is the irate gamer. IG would make an entertaining bonaza bros review that the whole world could see

New episode drops tonight

It’s Solomon’s Key, definitely a classic. The episode is good as Arino prides himself on his mastery of puzzle games.

There are a bunch of really cool games coming up including several that never made it to the states. One of them is from a very popular franchise, but it’s the first entry which was never localized and most people don’t know it exists.

New episode is up:

Definitely one of my favorites. It’s too bad a translated version of the game was never released

Thank you for reminding me weekly lol

And I love how he thought it was a wrestling game cause it was made by Human haha I definitely felt the Fire Pro vibe from the movements of the characters.

“I get it. All you need is luck” :rofl:

He wastes one hour fighting the same enemy, who isn’t even a boss.

watching these really makes me wanna up and buy the old famicom, i don’t care that it’s not the av (looks too much like my toploader) or the titler (does rgb but looks like a damn satellite phone ) the oldschool red looks badassssss

Watching the Super Fantasy Zone one now, shit is pure lols.


new episode dropped last night - S.O.S. one of my favorites

when are you going to start the sister series retrogabemaster

workin on it…

New one up!

Battle Golfer Yui!

I’m hooked to this show. :tup: