Retro Gaming Thread


I wanted to renew this discussion that closed years ago. This isn’t a "VS"thread but rather just a place to discuss the nostalgia of the 16 bit console war in light of the upcoming console war between MS and Sony. Share your opinions on what had better ports, better games and just overall which publisher had the better console.

Edit: it’s now about retro gaming in general now but can also be about the super nes and genesis console war.

The 16-Bit Era Thread

As soon as I saw Sega Genesis, I thought of Road Rash.



So basically, a VS thread?
Edit: My bad -_- Unfortunately, I’ve never owned an SNES… Just a Genesis. Yeah I missed out on a lot of stuff.


SNES. Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6 (3), SMW, Super Metroid, ALttP. That is all.


No not a "VS"thread just a discussion thread about opinions regarding the 16 bit console war.



@Valaris any progress on a Faggot button?


I am pretty sure that is stablished in the rules of the site that no Vs threads of any type.



You’re on SRK, it’ll turn into a VS thread.

As I said in the thread that spawned this one, I always thought the Genisis sound chip was terrible. After some youtubing it’s become clear that this is more of an issue of what the composers did with the sound chips on either system.


Ghost and Goblins always makes the tears come out.


Hey it’s not a VS thread just a continuation of the old thread about this topic that got closed for some reason.


No Breath of Fire, Super Castlevania IV, Earthbound, Secret of Evermore, Pilotwings, Illusion of Gaia and most importantly Secret of Mana!


Just make it a general Retro gaming thread. I wanna mine for good game info.


remember pogs? there are no good cartoons anymore! kids got it easy these days etc. etc. etc.


Well like I said in the other thread I thought tmnt tournament fighters looked better on gensis and some own LOLed at it…seriously compare not visually the genesis was better looking.


If it’s just retro gaming now, might I draw your attention to this.


Maybe rename it a classic/retro thread cuz anythingVSanything ain’t gonna fly

Edit: NVM

Gunstar FUCKING Heroes




Looking at those old CES and E3 videos just reminded me of how quickly we’re all going to get old.


I’m already in question of how old I’ve gotten considering my hatred for nearly all current-gen non-fighting games.