Return Fire (Fire Tisane's art dump is back)


Wow it’s been awhile. Seems my old thred is gone so I’ll have to start a new one. I need to get back into the habit of drawing SF characters. Well, moreso finishing them rather than just drawing them. Anyway, here’s all my stuff plus some extra goodies for those who haven’t seen yet. Links under each picture in case you can’t see it all.

This one is an older image but one that I’m still quite proud of. Oro and Makoto are my mains in SFIII:3rd

Yet another oldie but goodie. Both Blanka and Oro were done for the SF Tribute book but seeing as they were both kind of bland, they didn’t really make the cut with all the dynamic enteries that did.

Good ol’ Ibuki. I really like this image too. Done in OC.

This is what I’d like to think Q does most of the time.

I had fun with Makoto. Found a few new things when I was coloring this. A few tricks I should probably try and get back to when I get the chance.

Another one done in OC. I loved that program and they way it smudged the brushes with the colors already on the drawing.

Another Necro done soon after the first, this time drawn traditionally with a focus on trying something dynamic. Not sure if it worked or not.

Mmmmm Elena… I think I had a copy of this with a splash of colors somewhere. I should try and find it.

C. Viper is hard for me to use. Real technical but I’m happy to see a female character that is sort of like Akuma in the sense that she gives high damage but takes high damage. She’s very tricky indeed.

I find if funny that his name looks like Pee. But if you’re a fan like me, you learned that it’s pronounced almost in the same mannor as Julin.

I do hope that Karin makes a comeback in the SFIV series.

Again with the dynamic poses. Do need more practice.

Another C.Viper and my first El Fuerte. I liked the action and reaction in this one.

Akuma looking very badass indeed.

I like Cammy as well, don’t get me wrong. In fact, she’s probably in the highest of the rankings of hot SF Girls imo. Although most of the girls are hot anyway… heck, they’re all hot. Except for Poison, who’s not “really” a girl. Not in my book anyway.

I’m not that knowledgable of the EX series. I should probably try looking it up some time and even try getting the PS2 version.

Vega/Balrog getting ready to cut someone.

Balrog is actually interesting to draw. I should try him again, next time with more feeling.

The One-Eyed King of Mui-Tai. Dude needs some serious nerf. Not that I can’t beat him mind you.

The Dictator. I’ve got my own views on this guy and how he came to be. Perhaps one day I’ll get a chance to share.

Elf again. He’s one messed up character if you ask me. Play wise anyway. Really spazzy and frenetic.

My first Rufus. I don’t draw many portly folks so his face and double chin were fun.

For some reason, I find the most joy in drawing Akuma.

This was drawn before I ever got a good look at how her gloves actually work.

My first Able. That actually covers most of the new cast in SFIV aside from Seth and Gouken.

Something weird happend with her lines after I saved her. It got really dark for some reason.

Ah Rose. I need to appriciate her more.

Guile is my main in SFIV. I never managed to draw him right untill now.

Some headshots i decided to do. Ryu, Gouken and Akuma were all done one after another and it was getting late when I got to Akuma. Thats my excuse anyway.

This is a concept work of the ninja that’ll be showing up in the comic. (spoiler?)

Hitomi’s concept design before I started her at the beginning of the SF1 story.

An interesting looking Able. Scanner did something weird with this one.

Yang from SFIII. This is going to be part of a collab between me and Steven, the inker on the comic, just for the heck of it.

Behold the Mighty Bison. I never was satisfyed with the way I’ve drawn Bison so I made it a goal of mine to do this one proper.


wow. really nice.


Good stuff. Nice style. They’d look sick if you inked them.

The huge Abel is great, and the Akuma headshots are all very nice. I like your take on him. The last sketch of Bison is epic. His eyes are kinda off to me though. Too small compared to his nose, and he’s not supposed to have pupils/irises.


dont stop drawing, mate. you’re extremely good. Make some vids of you drawing!


Thanks dudes! And about Bisons eyes, yeah, I think they could be a bit larger too. And I really didn’t need to draw the puples but to be honest, SFIV actually shows them with some sort of puple area, albeit white/lightyellow/off color. I shat my pants when I took a good solid look at the Bison character portrate and noticed it one day.

One day, perhaps, I’ll record myself drawing something. I’ll need a camera first.


wow, i like the yang!


Seems unusual to see toothy angry Necro
Very good Balrog/Vega.
SF1 preview now!


your old thread is still here… it just hasn’t received a new post in the past couple months or so, and thus the default filter doesn’t display it.

search function is your friend :slight_smile:

btw liking the new sketches (esp Ibuki)


Wow, I thought I lost this thread again. But it was back on page one, lol. I’m going to drop this off here first.

It’s a sort of Rambo styled alt for Guile. Thinking of what would actually look cool in motion and this seemed to fit the bill if you ask me.

Hey guys, thanks for the comments!
I’ve always seen Necro as angery when he does his electric attack.

@ Rook

I didn’t know that. I always thought that old threads, if not sticky and are inactive, that they automaticly get deleted. Oh well, thats good to know then. I’ll have to find it and delete it to make some space.


So good to see you keep at it with the art, fire. :tup: Still like them Rose and Ibuki ones (and the Leona one from the older thread).


love the art work in this thread.

especial the extremes you go to with the foreshortening.


KairixSagat? GODLIKE.


o mai gah!


thread subbed for easy access.


Great stuff in here, man. I don’t know if you want/are looking for crits so I’m going to spoiler it just in case.


[details=Spoiler]Loving the linework. It’s real crisp and clean, very fluid. I think I mentioned this in the CSFAC SFIV thread, but the way you handle planes is real nice, especially in the Akuma/Rufus headshots. The facial expressions are on point and they look solidly constructed and have depth. I think my favorite pieces are the Abel profile, the Dictator piece (nice spotting of blacks in that one), and the first Oro colored one. Regarding your colored pieces those are good stuff too. Your use and depiction of reflected light (Blanka piece, Viper piece) is well done.

A couple of things that I think could help your future stuff. Core shadows: I’m a scrubby colorist so take this with a grain of salt, but your core shadows look funky in a few of the pieces (namely the Oro one which is old, and the Sakura Karin one). I don’t know how you could correct it, like I said I’m scrubby, but I think it usually goes midtone, core shadow, midtone, reflected and the way you have the core shadow delineate the shadows in the Karin vs. Sakura pic, I don’t know exactly why, it kinda looks right, but also “off” somehow. Related to shading, the Cammy piece overall looks great, but the shadow around the eyes are a little funky. You do a good job of showing depth in the eye sockets, since they’re recessed, but without bringing the eyelids/eyeballs forward by lighting them, it flattens them out. The last thing: Ears. I was looking for some random tuts for myself and found one on ears and noticed I was a faking them a little too much in my stuff. Here’s the one I found:

Hopefully, I’ve said something useful or helpful or encouraging. That’s all I got. Keep up the good work, dude!


haha, thanks guys! Your comments mean alot.

I need to fix up Guile. I noticed some things on it that aren’t jivving with me with how his face and head are.

@ ShiningSoul

Dude, I eat up any kind of crit I can take as long as it’s viable for what I’m trying to do. I want to go realistic as much as possible but my style leans a little to the cartoony sometimes. I’m working on it and getting accurate information on things is a must, so thanks a ton for the notes on the ears. But as a note that I know personally, every persons ear is different, almost like a fingerprint. I’m sure it follows the same principles that are layed out in the image but different angles and sizes and depths and flatness ect. ect. can be added or taken to make things different. I’m a firm believer in knowing how things work help you to better draw them. Anytime you have a crit on practicality or suggestions that don’t have to do with style, then I say go for it. Between you, me and the fourmites, I’d love to learn how to color in a bit more grungy or realistic style.

As for the color crit, that was just something I wanted to try out because I’ve seen it elsewhere. There is a right time to use that sort of style and thats when you have secondary light sources. Shadows that fall in the middle of both light sources tend to be darker than either side. I’m doing my best to see how light plays around. Like the color white, for example, reflects really well other colors. So while you know it’s white, if the light is red, the white will be red. It can get confusing, even more so when you try to keep in mind that light reflects off of most things and can even highlight shaded areas. It’s alot to take in and try and replicate but it’s all about practice. :sweat:


Had to fix up Guile’s head.


Dropping this off here.


I love sakuras face in the Karin picture and Mokoto’s legs should be farther apart to make it more DYNAMIC.

I need to get my some non photo blue pencils too. Gotta get on dem color pencils. That last Bison is good too.


Your art is really cool…keep up the great work.
Didn’t you draw Geese Howard some time ago?


I like the action-oriented poses and facial expression sheets the most. You have a good sense of how to bend perspective to give some of these more dynamic energy in the composition.