Return of Justice. Darksakul's Injustice Mod worklog

i’ll try and post the solder points if i get this working lol

Does anyone have the injustice template??? My friend wants to mod the stick he got not too long ago. Seeing if anyone know where I can download it. Thanks

You can also try Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition Arcade Stick

Which the same link is in the first post of this thread.

Reading is fundamental.

Damn, was hoping to find some info on integrating the board to a brook universal, but what I gathered is enough. After I’m done with this stick it’s going look nothing like how it was, probably would’ve have been a little cheaper if I decided to make my own case…but at least I have more spare parts now!

This project started long before the Brook boards was around, still the PS360+ was used and if the PS360+ fits the Brook UFB fits.

Yeah, I was hoping maybe someone got the same stick and decided to mod it like that, but I can live without the lockswitch, home, and led function. I’ve actually filled the old usb, start/select button holes, and some of the engraved accents on the side panels so I get a flat surface. This is more of a learning project then a serious build but I want to do everything well.

Just finished my Injustice mod, not the greatest but not too bad for my first build.

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