Return of the Boshy - Floe Edition


He finally returns with Boshy for those that missed it, also a whole lot of new characters. Dorm for top tier for sure.


Well color me excited! Too bad I have to leave right now for my last final exam. Will watch as soon as I’m done…so in about an hour.


I won’t spoiler it but you will see the Power of the Power of the Power of the Power and Floe going all female abuse.


Oh floe, your stream has made me a fan, it’s so fun.


Time to play some Bingo.


Watching Floe play this is actually pretty damn funny.


What the who is a Boshy? Bloofy’s adopted kid brother?


It is a sick game made by a man who likes inflicting pain onto other people.



why isnt this thread filled with comments? i thought we love seeing floe in pain



got excited for more Boshy. leaving sad…





Boshy has returned!


Reviving in case you haven’t heard:



He is playing I wanna be the gaiden guy right now! Much laughs will be had.