~~~Return of the King~~~


There was a time where one player ruled the genre of fighting games…Only matched by hometown rivalries, he would always come out on top. Victorious throughout the country and cash prizes in tournaments that would triple any pay out you could possibly imagine.

  Ask not where he went....or what he's done lately....but know that he's BACK!....

  This is For ALL Cali Players N/E/W/S-

This is what I’ve observed for the past 5 years…
We are plauged by old age, gf’s, no arcades, gas prices, time, consoles…
We can barely hang top 10 in national tournaments…
We have only a handful of players that can play more than one game…
And most offensive of all- ZERO ambition
What do I mean by no ambition??
“I just hope i can get top 16”- LOL WTF is that???..you either play to win in tournaments… or keep your mouth shut on the forums saying how you could’ve,would’ve,should’ve but DON’T represent shit…let the REAL players handle your cries…(you know who you are)
Refer to Mr. Cannon’s Blog about “If you don’t place top 3…who the fuck are you?”

With that said…

It’s time to take what is lost…

I’m in the business of winning ladies and gentlemen…

If you’re interested in coming with me… you know what has to be done…no excuses…I’m opening my doors to help anybody who wants it…

The Rush is Coming!
Alex Valle


Valle, i want your help. Help me become the best…


haha good shit alex. I wish i lived in cali cause i would def. roll with you man. Ill make it out there one day:) look out for me man!
You knwo where to find me other wise bro


I’ll listen to anything you have to say.


“i want to be the very best”

in other words i want to help socal get back to #1


you are so gay alex.



Play me on xbox live:wgrin:


Umm… lets play cvs2?


Thats right, Cali needs to be back in action. On top, #1 as always only major rivalry is So cali vs Nor Cali like back in the day.

No bullshit anymore, no mercy play to fuckin WIN! This also means, a lot of players that think they are good need to stop being pussy about traveling as well. If you ‘think’ you have what it takes, then go collect your fuckin money!



hey man thats fuckn tight that yor coming back! you might not no me from this but the names daniel im the guy that hangs out with mr.power. anyway wanna go to camelot and fuck around just like ol times !!!??


Lets break this down…

I’m out of the loop in this game but I know every city has great players…we’ll have to set up a centralized location to play this together. Usually whoever is the very best today and work from there…
Probably the least played game in Cali…Combofiend comes into mind as today’s top in cali…this guy still travels out of his way to take care of business…what does that tell you guys…(he’s willing to train where the comp is)and the guy plays mvc2,3s,ggxx,etc. So thats killing 2 birds with one stone…Kim Mr. Icy himself is willing to help too… so we have good things with this broken ass game J/K LOL
No doubt about it FFA/Interface has most successful turnouts in producing the best of the best in 3s…only problem is that its far far far…A lot of players outside this area…You’re gonna have to travel…simple as that…I live in Orange County so that will help east/south players…west players usually in LA travel to FFA anyways…But for best results everyone has to test their skills at ranbats…they are there for a reason guys…Do whatever it takes and I promise you…you’ll see phenominal results…
Tekken 5/DR-
Refer to tekkenzaibatsu.com…I’ll be picking this game up soon enough…anybody with any ideas hit me up…
I have an ST cabby at home…LOL…Cole and I can answer most of your questions…this game isnt tough at all…just old school knowledge and reaction time =P Anybody that feels nostalgic hit me up…

I’m leaving work…will be back in a min…

Alex Valle


“ol times” would be shgl days heh…

cali started his comeback here in az, and hes definitely getting back in top shape quickly. plus his ranks this weekend in tourneys.

glad you back, scene been stagnant


kim is #1 socal in perving
i know that much


Oh btw guys…

I know everybody wants help…

The best way I can help you is during practice sessions…talk is cheap IMO…showing you how its done is another…

Please only PM if you are willing to make it happen…(driving out to practice sessions, tourneys, etc.)

If you’re a newbie come out to a tourney and network…nobody likes strangers online…so introduce yourself…


Valle, seriously, your the reason i started getting serious into SF. Teach me all you know. lets make it happen, i got your gamertag Calipower online, so thats a start. you play doa4? maybe we can get some matches in. im looking to imrpove my game in marvel, doa4, 3s, and cvs2…maybe super turbo or just the SF2 series in general,s eing how hyper fighting is coming to xbox live arcade.


Valle, so, you think at the next Ranbat at Interface (or wherever they’ll hold it), I could get some tips from you if I show? I’d gladly appreciate the help.



this is much like the thread at tz.



Online gaming is just for fun…even with a flawless connection there’s still lag LOL…If you’re going to tourneys and practice sessions like I said…you will hardly need any help from me =)




im with you alex, lets do what it takes. i say fuck top 3, top 1 only.