Return of the Stargate Weekly - easy as 1/02/03


  1. Venie Guien “Vinnyman”
  2. Ivan Rivas
  3. David Hem “AsianHitler”
  4. Joe Reyna
  5. Daniel Nguyen “power-dn”
  6. Mike Lu


  1. David Hem “AsianHitler”
  2. Mike Zavar “Mortal Lock”
  3. Alex Navarro “MiamiX-Alex”
  4. Khang Le “Olddirtygook”
  5. Gus Guerrero “BigGus2002”
  6. Martin Phan “KimMaster”


  1. Chris Wong “cmutt”
  2. David Hem “AsianHitler”
  3. Alex Navarro “MiamiX-Alex”
  4. Dan Le “ShadowJin”
  5. Joe Congdon “jeaux”
  6. Gus Guerrero “BigGus2002”

3rd Strike(20)

  1. David Hem “AsianHitler”
  2. Harvey Chang “lled78”
  3. Chris Wong “cmutt”
  4. Khang Le “Olddirtygook”
  5. Gus Guerrero “BigGus2002”
  6. Jimmy Schwenke “turtler”
  7. Brad Carney “Carnevil”
  8. Chris Villarreal “crowinHTown”
  9. John Pertgen
  10. Daniel Nguyen “power-dn”
  11. Alex Navarro “MiamiX-Alex”
  12. Venie Guien “Vinnyman”
  13. Lay Chang
  14. Dan Le “ShadowJin”
  15. Kevin Curtis “Kevmon_0”
  16. John Sanchez “DeadlyFatMan”
  17. Mike Lu
  18. Jose B
  19. Joe Congdon “jeaux”
  20. Ivan Rivas

yeah for me! 5th with Hugo! I played Hugo the entire tourney(except for one match with David.) You guys are all top tier whores, but good games. Congrats to David!

you think that’s bad, i got put in the losers by harvey, then got put out by david. who the hell put david in the losers anyway?:confused: :mad: :fury: i think david allows it sometimes just so he can have an easier bracket…even though he doesn’t need it.

Hey Vinny,

I put David in the loser’s bracket just because I wanted to screw you over. Damn you for pulling off the Sakura custom on me!