Return of the z-virus (0 rating in ranked)

#1 says that Viscant currently has a rating of 0 (ranked # 92702) on XBL. He was top 10 as late as this weekend.

On HDR, the 0 rating bug was an epidemic, wiping out hundreds of players before they reset the rankings.

Has anyone else started seeing 0 rating yet? It seems like the combination of glitched rating abuse (see: top 2 on XBL) and potentially resurgent z-virus means that the ranking table is destined to be reset (just as HDR’s was).


yeah…the rating isnt working for me.
i think im like 3rd or 4th all time, but i think its stuck there…seriously i had like 806-209 for the longest lol, ie my wins or losses arent recorded anymore.

weekly ranking is still updating as i play though which is strange…
UPDATE: when u get stuck at the infamous press A screen, or game freezes, or opponent rq turns into freeze, you definitely get a LOSS…wtf


Oh, I thought it was just me, 'cuz it happened right after my 360 crashed in the middle of a Ranked Match.

My Rating became 0, which put my Rank at 76,130th. It still says my win/loss record is 658-551, but that was like, 2 weeks ago now, and I’ve been playing all the time.

My OCVs still says 9, despite a 4-hour Clockwork-whoring OCV-athon. So I’m pretty sure that Achievement is now impossible for me to get.


Capcom’s fighting games have shitty leaderboards


Anyone else having just plain not working when you search for your name? I get like five duplicates of my name when I search and then click and nothing happens. What did they let backbone do the site too?


I don’t think either of the guys that have 8,000,000 points are hacking the leaderboards - I think they’re just screwed over as much as Viscant was. =\


One of them actually posted on here when his account shot up to like four million rating points, saying he had no idea how it happened.

Leaderboards are just generally very lol. They either screw up innately, or they encourage gaming of the system in ways that have nothing to do with actually being good at the game in question.


I just played 10 matches and my ranking didn’t move up or down one point, yet my record changed accordingly.

I think the leaderboard is slowly degenerating into extremes. Everyone will either be stuck at their current rating, be placed dead last or way into first with no middle ground.


hey there, i AM one of those top 2 on xbox live.

and i can tell you i have NO idea how it happened, just been sorta having a laugh about it.
ruined the ladder for me, i even called xbox about it but theres “nothing they could do”

had a voice convo with the other guy and he has no idea either. its fucked.

However, the weekly one seems to be working just fine

edit, didnt see Dr.Dees post, that was me


I just noticed someone in the top 25 with a 0-2 record. Awesome.


I was ranked #3 with a rating of 4991, then poof, rated 80,000 or so with a rating of 0. I only play rated on ps3 now.


Supposedly it’s an issue on the MS end(?). I’m trying to fish out some details here so I can potentially track this down further, but it’s been like pulling teeth so far.