Return of Tournament Fighters? New 2.5D TMNT fighter from Smash Bros and Team Ninja


New TMNT Wii game - more details
December 10th, 2008

-published by Ubisoft
-official development started Jan. 2008
-concept started Oct. 2007
-to be released in Sept. 2009
-2.5D Fighter
-Interactive Stages
-4 player versus
-Story Mode
-Battle Royal
-Winner Stays
-Loser Stays
-Unlockable Characters
-Unlockable Stages
-Online aspects said to be better than Brawl implementation
-Each character is color coded with glowing effect to make 4-player battles easy to follow

While this is a licensed game, its not tied to any movie or TV showfor this game to succeed on its own it needs to be a great game. - Ubisoft producer


ROTFLMFAO…DUDE…UBISOFT…I was fuckin kidding I didn’t expect you to really do that shit! lol…oh well. I had to call it huh? This has gotta be a joke lol…




Sonichuman, you can now officially see the future O_O.

I am calling dibs on Leonardo, by the way.


fuck that…I got Leonardo. I called the game getting made so I’m calling him lol

thinking about it…Sakurai doesn’t have anything to do with this i’m guessing sooooooooo…no tripping…right? and don’t let the Smash fags catch wind of this game.

THIS ISN’T TMNT! April is a whore! Leonardo and Shredder only! Splinter and Sewers are banned!..FINAL DESTINATION!


Maining Mikey, April, and Casey.

This shit is gonna be wild.

Now get to getting Turtles in Time on XBLA.


Dibs on Rat King and Baxter Stockman(cyborg, not fly).


This shit is gonna be wack, fuck the teams that are making it. The original was dope, they should of just updated + new chars + new shit, not some 4 player smash gay shit


Wtf o_0


right now hopes are at 0 and intends to stay there.


Rare…WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU RARE!? Get your asses in gear…RIGHT NOW! No fuckin excuses!


This isn’t NeoGAF lets get some scans up in this bitch. Who has a copy of Go Nintendo?


If this game is good, I will be showing love to my mans Ralph and Shredder.


Wait a minute, DOA devs + Sakurai…:confused: yyyyyeah.

backs away cautiously


Am I the only person who remembers Mutant Melee?


no no no…i already mentioned earlier…Sakurai isn’t with nintendo anymore. So i’m pretty sure when they say ‘smash bros’ they mean everybody who worked on the games minus Sakurai. Sakurai was already on his own by the time Brawl came around…that ‘company’ is called Sora. As for DOA devs…uhh…well…hmmm…is there a redeeming factor for these guys?


This is gonna be like a fuck around game and might be fun but…

…you know what needs to be Sirlin’s next project…

…TMNT:TF HD Remix!!!


So if this is gonna be similar to Brawl, then its not really a fighting game, right?


lol…here we go…


Seeing as SSBM and TMNT:TF are two of my favorite fighters of all time, you can’t believe how hard I’ve just came

Chrome Dome for top tier