Returning Jin player to find out nobody is updating him

it’s been forever since i’ve played, but just got it on the 360 to find out noone is learning how to use jin. he’s been placed as an assist or scrub character and that is not cool.

anyways, i use jin on point with psylocke and doom (all anit-air assists) for a rushdown. doom does cover most of jin’s lag moves well, and psylocke provides good solid combo oppurtunity. if i don’t get an early advantage doom is placed out on point for any damn air keep away games, like cable, blackheart, or bar-charging storm player, etc. psylocke is used for sentinel’s with blackheart and commando call-in abuse because of her triple jumps after blocking the call-in’s attack usually can land you a hp into some air combos on hit, or ground chains with jin assist to cover and usually throw them back to start the mind games anew.

i haven’t played competetively since hurricane katrina so i’m hella rusty, and i’ve never sat down and di-sected my game for all it’s usefullness and to teach on a forum. everything is all arcade learned from the mississippi gulf coast arcade scene, which consisted of heavy new orleans players, with texas and florida peeps trickling in as well. i’m still learning all the abbreviations and such used here, but i’m thinking about writing up a detailed guide to post here and see if i can restore some faith in the best underdog character in the game.

gamertag on XBOX live is: chibikluktu
but i have limited play time due to kids and lameness of adulthood, but they are starting to be entertained by MvC2 when i play so i hope to start getting more rank matches in, but hit me up if i’m ever playing for some round robin rooms to see jin in action if interested.

sorry for the wall of text :chat:

Right well ill be on da forum i used Jin as my runner up and hes pretty gud if you wanna play some matches hit me up…

GT: RebornReaper210