Returning to the game, need opinion on stick, design and SF

Hi all,

Thanks for the invite MrWizard. =)

From what I gather this is the best place to post about this (this is my 1st post)

It’s been a while since I played any fighting game (took time off with life), but I would say I’m a veteran in terms of playtime (years on Tekken and SF series)

With SF V round the corner and my life more ‘balanced’, I’m now ready to come back at the game in a BIG way and make sure everything is in place.

Need your opinions on the fight stick, my design, naming on the stick and SF.

I’ve pre-ordered the new Mad Catz stick:

With regards to ‘technical parts’:
Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate for JLF Joysticks
I figure this will help with accuracy and the half-circle motions?

I’m not a fan of chun-li or the art style, so i’ll be changing everything lol; image below is something I put together and is currently a work in progress:
I didn’t design the ken, I’m good but not that good.

I’ve ordered 6 white and 2 black sanwa push buttons along with a white ball top to finish it off.
I’m also going to re-spray the whole thing black!

Jaykuma is my “fight name”, wow-its-jay is my PSN ID > am thinking I should change the name on the fight stick to Jaykuma, what do you think?

I’m planning on picking up Ultra SF IV on the PS4 within the next week to start practicing and bring my experience back to life.

Thanks in advance

Depends on who you talk to to be honest, the community it self is split of Square, Circle or Octagonal gates.
I my self is a fan of Square gates, I tend to think my joystick movements in a L Shape instead of a quarter circle.
I would recommend learning on a Square gate first and moving on to a octagonal gate to see if it works for you.

Also $14 for a gate is too Much, 10 bucks more I can buy a whole new joystick.
Try ether Paradise Arcade Shop or Focus Attack
Example Paradise Arcade has the exact same gate for $4.95

If you haven’t yet check out read The Site is a little out of date now as its missing alot of the later PS3, Xbox 360 developments as well as anything with the PS4 and Xbox One but the basics haven’t changed at all. Its pretty much required reading here in tech talk. Swapping the Art and Buttons is very straight forwards.

Now Spray painting the thing black.
Have you ever spray painted before?

Darksakul said everything I wanted to say already.

The idea of spray painting a TE2 all black scares the crap out of me! :o Not so much because it can’t be done, but the risk and cost of what would happen if you mess up.

Thanks for the tips Darksakul.

I only discovered paradise arcade and focus attack after the octagonal gate had been shipped :angry: I’m in the UK, so cancelling an order mid-flight is just a pain.

I had a stick before with the square gate whilst I was playing Tekken 6, so half circles wern’t as needed but were noticeable with the likes of Jin and Kazuya for example.

I like to think I’m a quick learner, so in this process of awakening my dormant skills (lol) I’ll be testing both gates fully.

With regards to the spray paint, short answer is I have no experience lol.

Long answer > I’m looking into how to do it effectively including using Primers, different layers and techniques in getting my desired finish.

Furntree > to put it bluntly, it scares the s*** out of me too, but that blue has got to go! Thankfully my niece has left lots of plastic toys for me to practice on transform into their black satsui-no-hado versions :pensive: lol

I’ll be using separate Primersand Paint Finishes

Good luck dude! As long as you don’t muck up the buttons I have faith in you!

Definitely see if you like the octo gate. I learned on square and stuck with it. I also play a lot of older games so playing octo then having to use a cabinet is no fun.

Let us know how your stick turns out!

please don’t spray paint it. look into VHT vinyl dyes, they give a more durable coat and maybe even the finish you’re looking for. the USF4 PS4 sticks are already black and aren’t limited edition as far as i know, they’ll probably come back in time for christmas. i’d talk to a sales rep, maybe you could swap the pre-order over to the USF4 stick. welcome back btw

Ok good news > after some digging around, I’ve found official Mad Catz USF4 PS4 stick!

I’ve cancelled the pre-order of the Chun Li TE2 from the States, saving me time, money and effort with the sprays.

It should be arriving mid-November from Spain, not too far now; as soon as it arrives I’ll customize it and upload some pics.

I’ve started practicing USF4 now, some of the combos definitely need a stick to do.

One thing I did notice is the ‘mind games’ never left me, it’s the execution I need to work on and that just takes time I guess.

Thanks for the welcome Cofeejuice

Forget spray paint and just get some black vinyl dye. Save yourself some headaches later down the line.

yh i’ve looked into vinyl dyes wasn’t sure but it seems like a good option:

Vinyl Dye < what do you think of this?

That won’t sink into plastic, I tried similar and it didn’t work too well, it started to wear off and chip even on plastic. You need one for plastic maybe this:

I’ve already got something I’m going to try called Plastikote (got a primer to use first and then the black satin finish), product looks really good.

Gonna give that a test before I try on the actual stick, if that doesn’t work > I’ll try the hi-tech vinyl dye.

In terms of what I will actually be spraying > I’m going to change the blue sides to black. I’m thinking I’ll only need to cover/protect the top with something and should be good to spray the sides without having to take anything apart?

Here’s the final artwork I’m going to use by the way (colour is more vivid, updated the name, cleaned up akuma and added PS4 button logos)

Ignore the white space in the image, that’s outside the print area.

If you’re going from any color to black, it should be no big deal. If you were going from one color to another, it just simply wouldn’t work. For other colors you need to start from a white base or it will turn out not the color you want, AFAIK.

The Chun Li looks like its transparent blue instead a opaque blue
The Chun Li Shell alone will be a collectors item as well as transparent plastic isn’t the same as regular and has different properties so they don’t paint or accept vinyl dyer the same way

I’ve changed my thoughts from my original post > I’ve ordered the Ultra SF4 TE 2 stick.

That’s good news as I only have to paint the sides black, so should be good to go.

I’m not too bothered about Limited Editions n stuff like that; just want a decent stick that looks the way I want it.

I’ve also tested the Plasti-kote spray on several things yesterday and they turned out pretty good despite the mixed weather.

Amazon says that I could have the fight stick from Spain as early as next Saturday!

Shame I have to wait for the artwork, buttons and 8 gate to arrive from the States; that’s all en-route.

Guess I’ll practice on Ultra SF4 in the meantime…

Sorry if i missed it in all of the other replies but why aren’t you just buying the sides?

:open_mouth: lol I had no frickin’ idea they even did that (just Googled it)

What’s the difference between TE panels and S panels?
TE panels
S Panels

I’m assuming just unscrew the Ultra edition and replace with the above color of my choice?

Looks like Paradise Arcade and Focus Attack don’t sell these.

They’re sold out of red and black, typical.

The te1 and te s side panels wont fit the te2, you need specifically the te2 side panels. And i believe only the madcatz store sells it. Maybe amazon or ebay but not sure.

Thanks man, but they’re sold out and I imagine they will be for a while.

The Ultra SF4 stick arrived earlier this week, along with the custom buttons; the artwork has now also been shipped from Tek-Innovations!

I’m going to use an alan key to remove the sides and spray them this weekend in time for the artwork and buttons to go in.

Once it’s done I’ll upload some pics; almost there!