Reuniting with people from High School?

This is awkward, I just got finished talking with someone who I used to kick it with during the high school days and we where dicussing the possibility of trying to get the old crew back together with a party somewhere at a hotel…drinks,strippers, the whole 9. Now a majority of the crew are on my facebook but yet I do not talk with them, maybe once in a while they will like my status or some shit…anywho im nearing my mid 20’s here and would not mind doing the reunion thing…problem is no-one seems interested in doing so despite ALL living in the same state…:looney::rolleyes:…the invitation was put on the table but everyone seems to be in their own world even though they are on my page…weird…I can propose the idea to “the ringleader” of the crew aka “the boss” and try to put it out there but you would at least expect them to “oh whats up man how have you been” or something like that…its always either me or my other friend who try’s to talk to them but its with little hope…

should I just ignore this completely and tell my past to kick rocks? its kind of bothering me…

do it but don’t kill the strippers.

Most people get together w/ highschool peeps during their 10 year reunion…Have you done yours yet?

I got invited but chose not to go, i didn’t want to pay the $150…Instead all the cheapass folks decided to go to a picnic BBQ the following day…More people actually went to that…

It was interesting to see how some of the people turned out…This was before facebook…

Stop adding people on facebook for the sake of it.


I like the old man’s response.

If there’s anything you can learn from a thief - or anyone who’s particularly shady enough - it’s that you fucking listen to your godsdamned pawn shop owner. :tup:

What you have to ask yourself is where are you at and would be fun or your current style? Friends are friends and IMHO what your friends are suggesting is a hell of a lot better than a fucking high school reunion which is just a bit “check in, see what you’re up to, check out” fest. At least it is your friends that you wanted to be with back then, than a bunch of people who are more curious rather than compassionate for how you turned out. I’m not saying to make a blood pact to be friends together, but if it feels good just to see the old crew again, why the fuck not?


get over Highschool you douche bag

I’m nearing my 10-year reunion and just realized that I barely keep in touch with any of my high school friends. I hang out with zero of them on a regular basis.

People from my church who went to different schools are a different story, but from high school? Nah…

People got married, moved for school/work, just didn’t keep up, etc. One of my friends got married immediately after graduation to a 27 y/o woman, have kids and such now. One of my friends from school almost got killed in an ATV accident, took him a year of PT to get back to normal. Bunch of my friends got married. Some decided to be pro college students. Some have some high paying jobs. One girl taught in Taiwan for a couple years. I mainly know this from Facebook, otherwise I would’ve never known

Actually had an opportunity to hang out with one of my high school friends for the first time in about 6 years last year. He’s a little…off now. Kind of regret it. However, my random encounters with people from high school at work or stores or random places usually turn out pretty well.

But it’s hit or miss. It could either turn into a regular thing, a huge regret, or absolutely nothing at all. Worth it to try, but don’t hold your breath.


You know what, shit isnt gonna happen. Maybe a few dudes are genuine and will actuallyl get together but thats it. Id be fuckin rich if I had a dollar for every time I was supposed to kick it with one of my HS buddies and either they or I flaked out. “Hey we should totally chill sometime” is just an empty gesture when talking about fucks you havent seen in years unless theres a way someone will benefit.


I’m about two to three years out of high school and chirst is it hard to see any of my old friends. A lot of the ones that made it to university are doing there own thing and pretty much have forgotten about me and our old “crew”. And a lot of them have just changed into giant dicks (ex. I go to a state school, some of my friends in private look down on me like I’m a barbarian, i feel sorry for those in community).The ones that arent going for higher edu. have kids and stuff (it’s sad and kinda funny how there’s almost no middle ground).
I’m pretty content with the way things are going, my closet friends from the past (like 2) I keep in touch with and that’s all that really matters, plus ive made new friends and my girlfriend keeps me pretty occupied.

So to the TS, the idea is cool, but if everyone is backing down, then fudge it.

I’ve been out of high school for about three years now and I barely have a connection with the majority of my graduating class. The only folks who I talk to from my high school days are just my best friends and anyone who wasn’t an ignorant ghetto ass mother fucker. I get invited to like social outings with some of my fellow alumni every once-in-a-while but I pass them up (mainly because I don’t have cash A.T.M.) and I just wanna spend time with folks who I was cool with back in high school.

So yeah, I really just hang out and associate with my college friends and anyone who I’m cool with at this point in my life.

To be quite honest, I’m not very fond of my HS experience growing up in Detroit, MI. I was happy to get the fuck out and meet another set of individuals during my years at university. The time spent in university and after altered most of my perceptions and the way I view the world, so it’s hard to connect with HS friends. To be sure, there are a handful I talk to on the regular, but life kind of happens and its hard to find time to kick it. You’ve got wives, kids, mortgages to think about now…

As you get older, it gets harder and harder to find friends and maintain them…

Most people stay friends with a few people from highschool but the vast majority get replaced by college friends. I’m not sure I’ll go to my 10 year reunion.

Big thing I remember during my 10-year reunion last summer was trying to spot which girls really let themselves go and which ones got hotter.

I really only talk to 1 person from my high school class, I talk to him about once a week or two, but other than that, it is quite rare for me to talk to or even say hi to people I once knew years ago, we all have moved on, especially me since I didnt go to college and have my own house and cars now while most are still trying to pretend they are in high school by staying in college for 5+ years for a philosphy degree.

A lot of people from High school have added me on facebook, like 100 of them, and most, I dont even remember except their name lol. But I add them anyways to see if they want to talk, and they dont want to. I even send them messages and they just delete them without even reading them so wtf? Why add me as a friend? I hate social networks.

I didn’t get cool and attractive until well after graduation. That said, I occassionally see people I went to HS with and enjoy seeing how badly they’ve aged. June will mark 10 years since graduating. I don’t think I could endure a reunion.

Even people I was down with have nothing in common with me now. I don’t miss anyone, and I talk to literally no one from my graduating class.

Shit, I don’t talk to most of the friends I had after HS. People damn you for finding the one.

i’d say don’t break your back over it or just drop it if they don’t talk to you anymore. People just stop caring, are too busy in their little world, or just can’t get out of routine.

Yeah man, I mean, I’m about to be 22 in May and my ten year won’t be until another seven years but I’m already not worrying about meetin’ folks from a past long since forgotten. I wouldn’t trip off of it. The past is that: “the past”.

If you live in a smallish town, Like i do in Rancho Cucamonga you will see classmates constantly. Even those that went out in the world to “Expand their horizons”

Then again my friends from high school are my current friends.

Ahwell, a lot of us were nerds so we do got the heads on straight.

It’s not bad to live where you grew up, unless you grow up in a shitty environment

Solid advice everyone, appreciate it…I mainly keep in touch with 1 of them because I owe him alot for helping me during the years we grew up…another one lives just up the street from me but has gone batshit…he suppose to go to college with a full ride scholarship to play football but instead smokes all the time with his girl who is a butterface…I remember when I had to drop him off at the correction facility because he violated parole…wtf…so I don’t really speak with him…

alot of people say to just let go…if they had interest they will contact me…