Reusing mic port hole on Hori TTT2 stick with a PS360+


So I got a Hori Tekken Tag 2 stick for 360 a couple months ago and I’ve been thinking of swapping out the Hori PCB with a PS360+. The one thing I still don’t have a plan for is the mic port on the stick. I’m thinking of running the PS360’s mic port to it, but I have no idea if the Hori case allows mounting the PS360 there, or if I have to use the PS360’s mic extension. If I use the extension, how am I going to keep it in place? (I was thinking super glue, but dunno if that’s safe to use with the extension.)

Any suggestion on what I could do would be welcome, preferreably if you’ve done a PS360+ install in this case or has used the mic extension for the PS360+ before.