Reusing Xbox HRAP EX Home button


Hey, I’m using an HRAP EX shell for my newest sixaxis stick, and I really want to reuse the existing home button in the turbo panel area for the PS button. What wires do I use for the signal and the ground off the gray strip of wires coming out of the button area? Or, does anyone have a PCB diagram so I could find the wires from there? Thanks in advance!


Pop it out and scan both sides and we can likely tell you. Better the pictures, the better help we can be.


Problem solved. For anyone who comes across this thread with the same problem I had, the ground and signal lines for the home button are the last two soldered points on the grey ribbon cable (looking at the main pcb). First 4 are wires for the LEDs.


This will be quite helpful for the padhack I’m working on right now. Thanks!


Hey, I’m trying to dual mod my hrap ex now and i cut the ribbon cable for the home button too soon and don’t know which 2 wires you are referring too. If you are looking at the bottom of the home and turbo housing are they the 2 to the left or the last 2 on the ribbon? also which would be ground and which would be signal from the 2? I want to ask anyone who has seen the ribbon, before I mess anything up by testing individually.

this is what the bottom of the board looks like. im assuming that the left side would be the signal and ground since it has corresponding circuits underneath them.


I still need help with this if anyone knows which of the wires are ground and signal.

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I forgot which wires are which.
You need a picture to me from the top.
Unscrew that PCB and take picture of it.


Huh. So I assume that little PCB for the guide button can work with common ground PCBs?




Fantastic. Wasn’t sure whether I could salvage the guide button for a dual mod.


Bumping this back up as I finally went through with the dual mod I mentioned (I put in a PS360+ into this HRAPEX and simply connected the guide PCB to it) and got some pictures of the guide button PCB, which I’ve uploaded and annotated here:

Some quick notes:

  • There’s seven wires running to this PCB, labeled 1-7 on the front of the PCB
  • Pin 1 is for VCC, to power the LEDs on the PCB.
  • Pins 2-5 are the signal lines for each LED. Strangely, the lights they correspond to (in numerical pin order) are P3-P1-P4-P2.
  • Pins 6 and 7 are for the guide button’s contact points. Doesn’t matter where you put ground and signal there; as long as both aren’t on the same pin, it’ll work.


Thanks for the picture man. As of right now I have only the ground and signal hooked up on my paewang PCB. I couldn’t figure out if the power and led number wires had any place on this PCB since there aren’t many solder points. Has anyone used a paewang in this situation?

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