REVELATIONS 2011 - 20,000 FOR SSFIV! June 10-12th, LAX




Tournament Legacy, in partnership with TheBBVlog, the same crew who brought you the hyped Socal Regionals, is back and stronger than ever in the next installment, REVELATIONS. The biggest Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and BlazBlue Continuum Shift pot up to date. An incredible 20,000 dollars on the line for Street Fighter, with the winnings back to you on the same day. The fiercest competition, right after E3, with everything on the line, its REVELATIONS, the most incredible fighting game tournament! Are you ready?

**-June 10-12th, 2011
-The Proud Bird, LAX

Tournament Legacy
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John Nelson, Tournament Legacy, and Team HORI

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Sounds delicious. Will be there.


I wasn’t aware that this was on the same day as CEO.

That’s definitely not good, especially if it’s part of the Evo tournament season.

Still doesn’t change the fact that I’ll be attending this though.


Lol you just took a dump on CEO dude…


CEO 2011 is on that same date!


^^ AGREE!!. Sucks 'cause I do believe CEO will now have less TOP pros coming.


Can’t wait!


quoted for emphasis? why is this being done on the same day as an evo season event?


We found this out about 3 weeks ago, and it was complete coincidence.

We didn’t do this on purpose, but this event was planned almost 3 months ago. We put everything on the line to make it that date (RIGHT after E3, and in the same city.)

This is unfortunate, but its how it is. We’re not going to start a flame war on “Who has the better tournament”, but instead make it as friendly competition as possible.

What irony, competition… for a competition :v


PM sent :karate:


Not sure why you’d do this.


I just posted :frowning:


One event is in LA,California and the other is in Orlando,Florida on the other side of the US.What is the issue?



Good luck with your event Tournament Legacy.


With tournaments this big, any thunder stolen from one is a big deal


Why not the weekend before E3? and isn’t E3 available only to the developers, media and press? What’s the big attraction for E3 to the fighting game community if they cant attend the event?


Thanks, we’ll need it.

We’re not stopping you from going to CEO.

For promotional means. This was planned long ago, where we would promote a fighting game event, at an event where they promote video games. And they CAN attend the event. We can’t make it before E3 because then… we can’t promote it. This date is unchangeable because there are too many sponsors on the line now that we’ve promised that date, and this was ALL BEFORE WE KNEW ABOUT CEO.

This is NOT purposefully done, I’m going to emphasize that.

We are not forcing anyone to go to our event. But we are going by standard, and legal means to promote Revelations as best we can. Good luck Florida.


One is an EVO Tournament Season qualifier…

CEO date was established mid-November 2010. Which to my knowledge was before anything was mentioned for this event.

This affects me as well because I plan to support as many events as I can, and it’s hard to do it when they are the same weekend.

I wish both events luck and I’ll be focused on E3.


Why is it on the same weekend as CEO (EVO SEED MAJOR) Even though its on the other side of the US, I am pretty sure top players were going to go to CEO before you guys have announced it. Now top players have to think about which event to support and go to.

Do I go to the tournament that can give me a seed to the biggest tournament of the year aka EVO2011?


Do I go to the revelations tourney that has an insanely huge prize pool for every game?

I was planning to attend about every tournament this year so if you can please change the date??


At the time of me posting this, I didn’t realize the actual problem of two majors on the same date. Because of the money, effort, and hard work being put forth into CEO and Florida… this does turn out to be problematic because the big names and special guests we anticipated arriving from the west coast might opt out, as well as the split audience.

This is going to be troublesome, lets hope for a good outcome for both parties…