Revelations - $30,000+ [SAKO/DAIGO] SSF4:AE/MvC3/MK/BBCS1,2/AH3/TK6 Jun. 10 - 12 LA, CA


- Revelations -

Tournament Legacy’s collaborative efforts bring you the largest video game tournament to hit the Los Angeles area, introducing Revelations. A tournament featuring the highest caliber of professional gamers, hottest titles, decorative sponsor support, and over $30,000+ in cash/prizes with SAME DAY PAY OUTS!

What is Revelations?

Passion. Sacrifice. Collaboration. These elements are at the core of what Revelations stands for. Through countless hours of production planning and negotiations with everyone from community leaders to prospective sponsors Revelations has demanded a tremendous amount of passion, sacrifice, and collaboration to become a reality. Bridging the gap between multiple genres has culminated in an all inclusive event featuring the hottest competitive games from the Fighting, Sports, F.P.S, and P.C communities. Aiming to bring much needed industry exposure to the competitive gaming scene as a whole, E3 week will segue into Revelations stimulating further sponsor involvement and community growth. What is Revelations you ask? Simply an opportunity to come together, enjoy an amazing event, and help grow the scene we all love.

Tournament Legacy:

Revelations Site:


Fighting game tournament direction and stream provided by Level Up LLC:

Friday/Saturday Pools Stream by Offcast:
offcast on


June 10-12, 2011 (E3 Weekend)


The Proud Bird Grand Ballroom
11022 Aviation Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 670-3093

Fighting Game Lineup

Super Street Fighter IV AE* - Xbox360
Marvel vs Capcom 3* - Xbox360
Mortal Kombat - PS3
Tekken 6 - PS3
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 - PS3
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 1 (Side Event) - PS3
Arcana Heart 3 - PS3
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Side Event) - Arcade
King Of Fighters 13 (Side Event) - Arcade
*Team based 3v3 Tournaments for this game will be capped at 32 teams MAXIMUM


Early Registration (until April 30th): $40 registration fee (+ processing fee), plus $10 per game.
Late Registration (May. 1st - June 6th): $50 registration fee (+ processing fee), plus $10 per game.
On-Site Registration: $50 registration fee, plus $10 per game.
No Registration Fee required if ONLY entering Arcana Heart 3 tournament

Doubletree Site: Hotel
A block of rooms has been reserved for June 10, 2011 - June 13, 2011. The special room rate will be available until May 10th or until the group block is sold-out, whichever comes first.

See you at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel LAX - El Segundo in June! We hope you enjoy your stay and your group’s event!

For reservation outside the indicated dates, or if you have further questions concerning this group, contact the hotel directly at 310-322.0999


For those of you that want to book Thurs night (June 9) to get the Revelations deal at Doubletree, please contact either of the following Doubeltree associates:
Mariano (310)955-1112 direct
Art Pilli (310)744-2043 direct

Also, there will be FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE from LAX to Doubletree AND Doubletree to the venue!!

Shuttle service runs from 7AM-12AM and goes to LAX every 30mins.

Prize Structure

AKSYS Games, will be providing a guaranteed prize pot of $5,000 for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift!! That’s not all, they’re also collaborating with Tournament Legacy on hosting the ‘Official Arcana Heart 3 Tournament’ with a guaranteed prize pot of $1,000!! Last but not least, exclusive to AH3 participants, the venue fee will be waived!! Please visit the Revelations registration site for more details!

HORI, the makers of high quality gaming peripherals, is providing Revelations winners with exciting prizes to top place finishers!!

MeatBun, today’s favorite and classic video game apparel company will be providing prizes for top 3 finishers!!

Informed Studios, is sponsoring the Tekken 6 Tournament with a guaranteed pot of $1,000 to finalists!!

Arcade-in-a-Box, Arizona’s own custom sticks and gaming community is sponsoring Revelations with raffle prizes such as gift cards to their online store and even a custom AIAB stick!

Raptr, the one-stop social network for gamers, is sponsoring Revelations with some awesome swag packs for participants and to lucky viewers on the Level Up stream!

Super Street Fighter 4:

$20,000 Prize Pot for Super Street Fighter IV.
SSF4 Top 16 pay out
1st: $10,000
2nd: $3,000
3rd: $2,000 + Hitbox Stick
4th: $1,000
5th: $800
5th: $800
7th: $600
7th: $600
9th: $200
9th: $200
9th: $200
9th: $200
13th: $100
13th: $100
13th: $100
13th: $100

Super Street Fighter 4 3v3 Teams
1st: 70%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 10%

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

$5,000 Prize Pot for Marvel vs Capcom 3.
MVC3 ? Top 8 pay out
1st: $2,500
2nd: $1,000
3rd: $500 + Hitbox Stick
4th: $400
5th: $200
5th: $200
7th: $100
7th: $100

Marvel vs Capcom 3 3v3 Teams
1st: 70%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 10%


$5,000 Prize Pot for BB:CS2.
BB:CS2 Top 8 pay out
1st: $2,500
2nd: $1,000
3rd: $500 + Hit Box
4th: $400
5th: $200
5th: $200
7th: $100
7th: $100

1st: 70%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 10%

Arcana Heart

$1,000 Guaranteed in the Prize Pot for Arcana heart 3
AH3 - Top 4 pay out -
1st: 650
2nd: 200
3rd: 100 + HitBox
4th: 50
*128 Man Cap for AH3

Tekken 6

$1,000 Guaranteed in the Prize Pot for Tekken 6
1st: $650
2nd: $200
3rd: $100
4th: $50

  • Informed Studios will showcase their community efforts by donating a guaranteed pot prize and assisting in running the TK6 brackets with us!! For more information about Informed Studios, please visit -.
  • More prizes TBA


SRC Event Group
NOS Energy Drink
Informed Studios
Eternal Rivals

Partners & Affiliates:
Level Up LLC
Angry Bananas

Vampire Savior: advanced link combos & important notes

Battle247 Presents - Revelations Online Tournament!

“The hottest event in So Cal this summer is collaborating with Battle247 for some online tournament madness! What?s the prize you ask? FREE flight, entry, and hotel accommodations to Revelations on us! Battle247 is calling out all Super Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Blazblue:CS online warriors for a chance at some serious fight money ? over $30,000 in cash and prizes! Come get it!”

For rules, registration, and eligibility please visit the Battle 247 Revelations Thread:
Revelations Online Tournament


*Team HORI officially announced! SAKO, AndyOcr, Warahk, and Tatsu will be making their debut at Revelations this year as Team HORI!

Official Press Release:
Team Hori Announced!

Team HORI?s SAKO will accept any and all Super Street Fighter 4 challengers at the HORI booth for a chance to win cash and prizes! Those that didn?t get a chance to play SAKO at SoCal Regionals will get your chance this time at Revelations!
Location: **
HORI booth
KUMITE Challenge:
Beat SAKO for a chance to win the following:
$20 + Meatbun Apparel (2/3 match requirement)
$50 + RAP V3 (3/5 match requirement)
$100 + HORI RAP VLX PS3/XBOX360 (First to 5 match requirement)


Standard Revelations SSF4 tournament rules apply

How to enter:

  1. Go to the HORI booth after the SSF4 Teams tournament on Friday June 10.
  2. Select your KUMITE challenge - $20, $50, $100
  3. Good luck!

Prize Distribution:
If you beat SAKO, you win both the cash and prize! Good luck to all participants!


same week as CEO…good god


I’ll be there. I want to make shit happen for it.


Thanks for the huge AH3 exposure, I hope people make it out there.


Damn, this much prize money not sure if wong/gootecks/mikeross will be confirmed for CEO much longer lol. Seems kinda weird having BB equal prize money to Marvel 3, which is like 1/4th that of super.


ill be there for sure!


When the pay outs were determined, SSF4 was by far the biggest game out there. Marvel wasn’t out yet and nobody knew how big it was going to be. It’s been out drawing SSF4 lately but I guess these plans are set in stone and can’t be changed.


Time to save those pennies


Utah will be there


Wow, what a sick tourny. Too bad I feel too free to head all the way down there for this.


are you guys gonna work with CEO to stream the finals at different times so we can get to see both?


I’m free as shit but that’s not going to change unless I step out to these events. As it stands now, I’ll be there. You should still go!!


Wow this tournament seems sick. And this is the lineup evo should have had. Good looking out, can’t wait to see this event.


Fuck yeah arcana!



If AE is out by June 10th, will you be running AE instead of super??

also, GET HYPE!!


i don’t undrstand why this was scheduled on the same day as CEO.


I agree. This will only divide the community :frowning:

CEO has announced their June 10-12th date months ago. CEO is also a Major that is part of the Evo Tournament Season. They even brought a large crew over to Atlanta to support Final Round XIV.

Why do this to them?


If AE is release at least 1 month prior to the tournament, then we will switch games.

We understand your concerns and yes this is a very unfortunate schedule issue.

Both parties TL and CEO have already respectfully stated their opinions and wish nothing but the best for their events.

I have personally talked to Alex J./Spooky which have expressed their utmost support to our work.

On behalf of the Level|Up team, we have nothing but love and respect for the participants of CEO and the Spooky stream.

Moving forward -

There are many more surprise announcements on the way so stay tuned!


Utah! See you soon!


i’m in for AH3 and BlazBlue. :slight_smile:

Hoping for SSF4:AE

CEO is a EC event. 95% of the WC players won’t be there anyway.