Revelations ST Tourney - August 18, 2012




We will be hosting a ST tourney on Saturday, the 18th of August @ the Revelations Tournament (

Santa Monica Place
395 Santa Monica Place
Santa Monica, California, 90401

Time: 1pm (Registration will begin at 11am sharp)

**Entry Fee: $4 **(for those who have already pre-registered for another game AND/OR have obtained
a spectator 3 day pass) Spectator passes are $10. Thus, if you are only entering ST
you will have to obtain a Spectator pass by either pre-registeringor picking one
up at the door AND pay $4 at the ST registration area.

Format: Double Elimination, Best 3/5 Games. Grand Finals: Best 4/7 games

Rules: Akuma banned…of course.

Prizes: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place will receive a prize respectively

Hardware: Mame

This Tourney will be BYOC.
-DGV cab will encompass Station 1
-Station 2: any 360 stick will do
-Station 3: any 360 stick will do

Version: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (US Version)
Speed: Turbo 2


Ahh shit… right next to Highway 1 and the beach… damn. I really wanna make this.



I’ll enter.

I’ll pick O.Fei and mash buttons.


Pffff Super Turbo that game sucks its all about Persona 4 Arena… since its gonna be next to the beach proper beach attire is required to participate


Bring my cap.


See you guys next Saturday…the more the merrier.


First post has been updated!! The ST tour bus keeps moving along…next stop? Your hometown?!!


Hope to see most of the Super Arcade/Socal ST crew this Saturday. With a large venue being utilized by the Revelations staff, we’re hoping to see new players in attendance in addition to new players trying ST for the first time.

For this event to truly be a success, we’ll need some assistance from the community :wink:

Just a few things that we need to make the event run even better. Anyone have/willing to bring the following:

  • 1 CRT VGA monitor
  • Recording Equipment - Camera, Smartpone, etc
    -1 Labtop for streaming

Thanks guys


First post updated!

All 3 stations will be utilizing Mame. Big ups to Digital for the Laptop assist for streaming. 3 more days to go!


So who won, and what happened?


Were any of the matches recorded? Results? Brackets? How many entrants? Did any of that Revelations/Tournament Legacy/John Nelson drama extend to ST as well?



I really wanted to make it to this before classes starts for me around the 29th this month.

I’ll be moving on Campus to CSUN this Saturday, so I had to prepare for that.

At least I’ll be closer to Super Arcade.


ST was a side tourney so there was no drama involved with the tournament (we could have just run this at Super Arcade, lol). Though as a result of all this drama I decided not to send out updates on Twitter and I’ve been kind of keeping everything on the down low. This is just my view on it though and I don’t want to speak for DG/V or anyone else.

But the tourney turned out well. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stream or capture direct video because it caused too much lag on the machine running Mame and we think there was some sort of XP compatibility issue with the VGA adapter to capture from a separate laptop, so we had to go old school and record the matches with a handheld camera. I’ll see if I can get the videos up sometime this week.

Big thanks to Cesar for running the brackets. I’m posting the results for him.


  1. AfroLegends (Dee Jay / Boxer / O. Guile)
  2. Ultracombo (O. Sagat)
  3. SnakeEyez (Zangief, Ryu)
  4. Shotosallday (Dee Jay / O. Sagat / Zangief / Ryu / Boxer)
  5. kuroppi (Ryu / Zangief / O. Honda / Honda)
  6. Digiital Infamy (Ryu / Boxer)
  7. DNGR S PAPERCUT (O. Hawk / Claw / Blanka)
  8. Zaspacer (Dictator)

I want to give a big thanks to Ken and Tai for putting in a ton of hard work to put this tournament on. Despite all the drama surrounding Revelations, I had a blast hanging out with the ST crew again.


wow looking at the bracket snakeeyez is hella good as well as shotosallday
i think snakeeyez is totally legit as long as he can use his pad.
ultracombo representing norcal :slight_smile:
can’t wait for the videos.

hey afro, you should post the pic of the trophy here.
it looks massive!

thanks dgv for hosting this tourney.



GGs to everyone at the tourney…it was hella fun! We battled through a lot of hiccups at the beginning with locating the place(in the middle of a shopping center) and getting the equipment to the 3rd floor but once things started, everything was ran smoothly. Had a blast with everyone(Mike, Ali, Bob) at the sushi bar, good times. Big ups to DGV for investing their own money on some bad ass trophies! DGV > John Nelson all day, everyday.


Afro sent a much better pic to me to post up:


Ah! nice trophy Afro, keep doing it and stay sharp! Congratulations.


Damn that’s a pretty clean looking trophy.


lol beans said it’s straight from superman’s cave :stuck_out_tongue: