Reversal Attacks Armor Break?



So I’m not a cammy player, but I play a lot of offline casuals with a friend of mine who does. We’ve noticed since receiving AE that during some of our games (I’d guesstimate 1% of the time) he will do a cannon spike that armor breaks my FA.

Thing is, it’s not listed as an armor break, and we will attempt to reproduce unsuccessful. We have tried each level of cannon spike against each level of focus attack. In a 10 hour session, it happened 3 times.

Funny thing is, my makoto also armor broke his FA once with a slight charge MP Hayate… so I don’t know if we have just found a glitch or not. That has only happened once though, and only Makoto’s EX Hayate will armor break, and I KNOW I did not do an EX that one time.

Just curious if any of the cammy players out there have experienced anything similar, or can inform me of what actually is happening.

Much appreciated.


reversals are armor breakers.


Thank you, I just verified that’s what it was.

Again, much appreciated.