Reversal, Counterhit, etc

Dumbest questions of the year…

Reversals, counter-hits, etc

Can someone explain these to a brain dead noob? Didn’t find anything off of search, or the glossary.

Very simple,

A **Reversal **is a attack done on the very first frame that youre allowed to. For example if youre knocked down and you input any special/super/hyper/w.e the moment you get up, you will get the “Reversal” message.The most common reversals are wake up dragon punches.

A Reversal can also be done on the very first frame that you get out of block stun.

A Counter-Hit is an attack that connects while your opponent is trying to attack as well. For example if Dhalsim does a Fierce and Ryu punches his limbs, youll get a counter-hit. Counter-Hits usually have the added property of doubling the amount of stun inflicted.

I think I explained that properly. :smiley:

Thanks a ton. That’s (for the most part) what I thought, but after a frustrating line of fights I wanted to be sure.

Thank you for the explanation. Those should be included in the stickied glossery so noobs like me don’t fill the forum up with garbage.


Counter hits add hit stun. Light attacks add 1 frame extra, medium and hard add 3 frames extra. For example, if a hard punch is +5 on hit, it is +8 on counterhit, allowing for combos that were not previously possible.

You also get 25% more damage I believe.

This is for SF4.

Just to clarify:
In SFIV a counter-hit occurs when you hit someone in the startup of a move. Hitting Dhalsim’s outstretched limbs will most likely not score a counter-hit, because if his limbs are stretched out already, it means the move is either active, or is recovering. They also don’t double the amount of stun in SFIV. The general rule can for damage and stun can be found on the wiki link posted above, but some moves behave differently. eg. When you score a counter-hit with a Focus Attack in SFIV the opponent will crumple to the ground, even if it was just a level one FA. In AE, they added another rule that basically gives you a counter-hit if you attack Guile when he throws a Sonic Boom (this can happen even after startup). This will probably change in the next version of the game though.

Also, there are cases (in SSFIV:AE) where counter-hits register when they shouldn’t (eg. when trading with Sagat’s, but those are most likely just bugs.

A reversal is performing a special/super move on the very first frame possible after getting hit or blocking an attack, or getting thrown. Note that this doesn’t mean that you actually have to input the move on that frame. You just have to activate the move within the period commonly known as the “reversal window”. In other words, suppose you get 20 frames to input the motion for a Dragon Punch and activate it by pressing punch. This means that if you get knocked down, you can input the motion 20 frames before you wake up, button you have to press the punch button within the reversal window to activate it. The size of the reversal window, and the amount of time you get to input a move and activate differs from game to game. In SSFII:T, you get up to 15 or 16 frames to perform a DP and the reversal window is 1 frame. In other words, even though you get 16 frames to input the Dragon Punch, you have to press the button within that 1 frame reversal window to successful perform a reversal DP (it’s slightly more complicated than this because of the inherent randomness in the game, but that’s the idea). In SFIV you get up to about 28 frames in total to perform a DP, and the reversal window is 4 frames.