Reversal Meta Game Changes


After watching EVO, it’s really become obvious that reversals have come full circle. In the beginning, everyone whined and moaned that they were OP, and they were mashed to all hell. Players realised this, and mashed srks were baited to hell and back, prompting the last few years. People would play with “respect” because whiffing an SRK was huge damage.
It seems like most of the top players, online and off, have realised that no one, including the top players doing it, are really looking for reversals yet. It has become more powerful, more important. Look at the sheer amount of meterless reversals.

Am I alone in feeling like this? How long do you guys think this will be a staple? How long before everyone is back to spending every wakeup and setup trying to bait?


A lot of it has to do with everyone being really well versed with the game mechanics. AE 2012 has been out long enough that all players that are above average know timing for wakeup reversals like the back of their hand. It isn’t as much a gamble as it used to be.


I think a lot of big tourney meta-game comes down to jitters. You score the hard knock down and go in for the meaty setup - which isn’t safe, but they are probably thinking, “why would he reversal right here, it would be embarrassing to have it baited out - I will be safe!” They forget that it still works and it’s STILL something you need to worry about.

Just because reversals/crouch-techs are going out of vogue it doesn’t mean they are removed from the game.