Reversal Practice?

How do you guys practice your reversals? It’s one of my biggest weaknesses as a player, primarily because I can’t think of a good way to practice it. I tried setting it to fight the CPU in training but it never wants to sweep me lol.

Just go into player matches, and see how often you can get the message up.

I find that going into training mode against CPU Ken is a good way to practice it. The CPU will spam SRKs like mad!

Best way is probably to get a local friend, go into training mode, and do shoryu versus shoryu fights. Meaty shoryu vs reversal shoryu, and if you get your reversal then you naturally switch roles to doing the meaty since you KD the other guy. At some point Dji and I did this for an hour straight, hahah.

It’s especially good because shoryu is pretty easy to do as a real meaty, you’re basically sure that the guy getting up NEEDS to reversal shoryu for real.

I don’t have locals Thelo. :frowning:

Another decent way is to fight a good Zangief or T.Hawk who will go for the tick throw a lot. When I teach the game to a new player, I will often pick Zangief and just do tick throw after tick throw as reversal training for the other guy.

If you don’t have locals, you can go to practice mode and use AI, let it punish, throw or knockdown you, just wait for that and practice reversals.

If AI doesn’t sweep you or punish you, just make random moves, AI reacts and read inputs, that’s the best way to make AI “think”.

It’s not HDR but if you can do reversal in ST you can do reversal in HDR.

Basically setup a hot key to control the p2 to knock you down, then you can practice reversal on wakeup.

However that setup requires some minor scripting / programming, but the upside is that it is very flexible.

I heard there was a slight input delay on MAME and other emulators. Confirm/deny?

Best reversal training tip ever: Plug in a second controller, knock down your character (preferrably with the last hitting frame of a knockdown move that has a lot of hitting frames…hmmm…a super?) and…immediately pause the game. Grab your controller and unpause the game. A little bit of work, but it definitely sets up the situation for you in a consistent manner.

Zangief with lariat on FP?

I have not had any issues on MAME or FBA. I have played them a ton.

How do you not reversal once you know about pianoing?

Because even with perfect piano technique you have a six frame window that you’re trying to overlap with the single reversal frame. 6 frames is not exactly a long time.

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oh nice post!, thank you for this!

All relative, plenty of time for me to get it at least 95% of the time. Most people that can’t do it do it wrong. First thing to do after learning pianoing is get an input reader to make sure you are doing the motion correctly each time and not overlapping buttons which makes the window smaller.

I can do double tap reversals on one button too if I want a specific version. It is just not as accurate.

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