Reversal shippu

Anyone have a comprehensive list of things you can reversal shippu on block/hit?

blocked low forward(ken)

there is a great video by Lisyaoran on the subject. It’s called “Hey Fuckers” and WAS hosted by, but not any more.

I could try to upload it to youtube or something on sunday

There’s literally loads of moves for EVERY character that you can punish with shippu (some of them no reversal required)

Just regarding the mirror match, Ken vs Ken, you can punish:
cHP (even on crouching hit!)
sMK (on block)
cMK (on block, needs reversal though sometimes it still hits with no reversal)
sHK (on block, from any range but the very tip)
cHK (blaytant)
f+MK (on block)
Hadoken, (both on hit and on block if in range)
EX hadoken (on block from fairly close range)
ground Tatsumaki (any of them, even on hit)
ground EX tatsumaki (only on block)

you can punish a really mistimed UOH on block, but it’s not worth trying imho because it has to be timed REALLY bad to be punishable)

you see? making a list like that vs every character is a bit long to do

Hey Fuckers


vs necro:

snake fang (block)
strong/fierce tornado hook (block) (maybe hit strong hook)
b.short>s.strong (only reversal block) (maybe)
b.fierce(only reversal block)
dempa electricity (block)
s.fierce (hit and block)
c.forward (block )
flying viper (only reversal block)
raising cobra (block)
c.roundhouse (block)
sa1 (block)
sa3 (block)
y have a question
can you imput a reversal shimpu on qcb k dudley move??

excuse mi bad english

That vid is pretty awesome but whoever edited it and made it has horrible spelling.

Wow, now if only I could remember all that I saw in the video.

Damn, that video was nice. From now on I’m gonna be mashing super and drumming ever time I take a hit :lol: Thanks for putting this up :tup: