Reversals during a jump in string

Can you always do a reversal if you block the first hit of a jump in string, does the jump in have to hit a little early? I’ve noticed shotos seem to always be able to reversal dp after the initial hit of the string.

This thread should probably be elsewhere, but I believe that depends on the move you use for a jumpin and how it hits. It has to have enough blockstun to let you land AND throw out the next move if you’re to avoid reversals.

Rufus’ divekick is a good example of this. Hit low enough, and you get to land a jab whether or not they’ve blocked. Hit too high, and they can throw you or DP you, since it takes you longer to get to the ground.

I think all blocked lp, mp and lk, mk jump in that doesn’t hit deep enough can be countered by a srk before you land. It’s due to the fact that block stun and hit stun is different so if they blocked that, they recover before you do but if the hits, they can’t reversal srk. This holds true to Bison’s, Sagat’s and and probably all lp, mp and lk, mk that have a +11 frame of block stun.

depends on the attack and when it hits. if the attack hits higher than it’s more likely that your opponent can do a move when you land cause while you’re recovering from your jump, your opponent is recovering from the hit. also w/ a weaker attack it’s also more likely you’re opponent can do something cause the block stun will be less.

Ah ok, thanks ruff that’s exactly what I was asking. The matches I noticed it in was actually using bison’s to crossup. I thought i did it pretty deep, but wasn’t sure.

If its not deep enough yeah you get reversaled, esp by srk mashers. At that point its up to you to train them to be hesitant about mashing it.