Reversals in SSF2 versus SSF2T

I’ve been playing quite a bit of SNES SSF2 online lately, but I’ve been frustrated by not being able to do reversals upon landing on my feet. For example, after being hit by an air-to-air normal move. I can reverse tick throws and do wakeup reversals just fine, but I couldn’t do “reset” reversals at all. This caused me to eat a lot of big meaty combos that I could see coming and wanted to DP.

After experimenting with the arcade versions as all as SNES SSF2, I found out the following:

  • In SSF2, whether arcade or SNES, you can’t reversal after landing on your feet.
  • In ST, you can reversal after landing on your feet, even if you’re an O-character.

Now I know that blocking or throwing are my only options in this situation on SNES. This is probably old news to everyone but me.

hmm, thats new to me. But i wouldn’t really dwell on it too much, it is ssf2 afterall now get back to playing ST!

You are correct. No landing reversals in SSF2.

God bless ST.

New school… HF & SSF2> ST :slight_smile:

Also, why are you playing SNES SSF2 when you can get Arcade SSF2 no problem?

Reduced input lag on zbattle, since it’s just straight peer to peer.
I prefer ST myself though, so I’m not really into it.

BAHH. That’s why I kept getting floored. I though it’s cause I suck at reversals.