Heya just wanted to know when do i input the motion to do a reversal (do i do the srk motion exactly when i get knocked down or i wait till I’m fully up).
I ask this because in games like st or alpha 3 i cant get the reversal message to pop up even with the piano method. Also how is it possible that a low mk hit me when i did a reversal wakeup srk in third strike, like i got the reversal message but the low mk still stuffed my srk.


Reversal timing probably changes with game so I don’t think anyone here can give you something much more meaningful than “practice”

As for your 3S question, reversals in 3S don’t add invincibility frames to attacks that wouldn’t have them normally (as opposed to SF4, which is what you’re probably thinking of), so you can still get stuffed by well-timed meaty hits

Even 0f attacks like Hugo’s gigas breaker can be stuffed if they start “on top” of an active attack frame


SFIV doesn’t add invincibility to reversals?


It doesn’t? Just armor break then? I was under the impression they also got better priority/invincibility/whatever just by being reversals in sf4

Still, everything before and after that holds