Reverse Compatibility Issue (Guilty Gear X2 Rld)

I recently purchased a BRAND NEW copy of Guilty Gear X2 Reload from Amazon after seeing it listed in the list of backwards supported games on

Little did I know that there is a separate list for Pal / NTSC games. It seems the game is currently supported on NTSC but not Pal systems. GREAT! Would have good if they mentioned that on the page

I now have a Brand New unplayable game that set me back around 40 dollars (I am in Australia).

Do NTSC games usually come out ahead of Pal versions? Is it likely that a Pal version will be supported soon, or is there no way of knowing? Does anyone know if for some reason, the Pal version cannot be supported?

Just not sure whether to hang on to the game and hope, or sell it on while its still spanky new

Any ideas?


Yeah, NTSC and PAL are different, now-finally-outdated standards and aren’t cross-compatible.

I’m also moving this to Tech Talk so people can elaborate more if they so choose.

From my understanding of Microsoft’s statement, they said they wouldn’t be updating their backwards compatibility list anymore. Apparently their idea of letting us buy Xbox 1 games from the marketplace triggered their decision.

Tetsuosan, do you have a link to the statement you are refering to? On the site, it states that Microsoft are still working hard to support ALL titles with backwards compatabiltity.

Septimus, “now-finally-outdated standards and aren’t cross-compatible”

are you saying this game can not be supportded? Sorry, but i wasn’t sure what you meant.

I have heard that there are parts you can add to your xbox to make it region free?

I dont know if this is true or not though :wgrin: