Reverse Engineering Mayflash PCB "MF002V"


This is a pretty nice little PCB that comes in the Venom Arcade Stick PS4, and has two daughter boards: MF-JOYSTICK001-KEY handles four push buttons and three switches, each switch with an on and an off position. MF-JOYSTICK001-LED handles up to six LEDs (player lights 1-4 and a turbo LED, as well as a macro LED which isn’t used or populated in the Venom Stick).

In theory, the -LED and -KEY daughter boards are probably used in any stick with this mold, although the Mayflash F300 and Arcade Fighting Stick for Xbox360 / PS3 / PC almost certainly use different PCBs for their main board (no native PS4 functionality).

It’s a nice PCB! But by working out the pin-out for the two daughter PCBs, we can either replace it with a Brook Universal PCB or another one - say, PS360+. I can’t find any information on this, though.

I’m trying to reverse engineer this PCB using my limited skills - I’m using modified ribbon cables to try and work out what pins access which features. Am I right in assuming that the ground pin will be the pin which causes the entire board to stop working when disconnected?

"TOTALCONSOLE F300" MayFlash Arcade Fight Stick Joystick for PS4 PS3 XBOX ONE 360 PC
Venom arcade stick PS4/PS3

Alright, assuming I found the ground correctly (and from what I know about circuits, I’m sure I did, this is the pinout of the top-left daughterboard on the Venom stick:

I’d like to do the lights next but I don’t have six PS3 controllers to make sure I’ve done it right - is there any kind of a test program I can use?

Hopefully this makes it easier for Venom owners to do full PCB replacements and make these sticks into the multi-system beasts they deserve too be!