Reverse Match-up Thread: What do other characters say about Guile?



This thread is composed of what all the other characters in the game think about Guile. Ranging from what they should do against Guile, what they should look out for, and how they can win.

All information is taken from the SRK forums simply by looking at the other characters’ match-up sections. I did not write any of this myself and I’m pretty much just posting what they say in their threads. Take advantage of knowing what most people think of when they see Guile. Notice patterns between the different characters’ strategies versus Guile and use this to become less predictable.

See the Normal Guile Match-Up Thread for what Guile thinks about the other characters. (Opposite of this thread.)

Don’t understand some of the terms or acronyms? See Sonic Hurricane’s Street Fighter Glossary


What Abel says

[details=Spoiler]General Info:

  • Standing LK tends to beat out most if not all of Guile’s main pokes



What Adon says


Adon is speechless.


What Akuma says


Guaranteed Demons:
Blocked Flash kick
Blocked f+MP (Super only)
Blocked target combo (Super only)
Blocked cr.HK (do it between the two kicks)
Blocked Super/Ultra

Tatsu > Sweep?

Guile has great defense. Akuma?s is better. This is a match of patience and attrition, but one where the cards are stacked heavily in your favor.

Guile?s basic gameplan involves throwing sonic booms to zone, and waiting for a flash kick opportunity. Don?t jump in, force him to come to you. The match is very basic, if he presses forward behind a sonic boom you can Shakunetsu if you?re at max range, jump back air hadou to force him to block, or teleport through him if he?s right behind it. But there?s really nothing Guile can do to force Akuma into a bad situation. If he?s far, your ranged game beats his, and if he?s close you can always teleport out. If you do happen to be on the offensive, try to bait the flash kick since it?s the only thing Guile really has to deal with pressure at the risk of exposing himself?? Guile really doesn’t have the tools to hang with Akuma?.

-Be wary of his target combo:, overhead punch. It?s quick and dirty.
-If the Guile you are playing is using the sweep, punish it every time.
-Keep patient, stick to your roots and play very basic runaway.


What Balrog/Boxer says



What Blanka says

[details=Spoiler]Japanese Wiki: 6/4
Event Hubs April 09: 6/4
Event Hubs October 09: 6/4
Popular SRK Opinion: Slight advantage Blanka

Quick info:

EX Ball > Sonic Boom (Guile has the best projectile recovery in the game…so…yeah…watch it)
Slide > Sonic Boom
Coward Crouch > Sonic Boom

The match breakdowns:



What C.Viper says

-throwing j.FK (towards) a little early stuffs FlashKick but not EX Flashkick. (Slide)

-Punish Guile’s c.FK with BK [block the first kick then BK]

-When Viper is more then full screen away from Guile and you want to get in, you should constantly throw FP Seismo feints to scare Guile into throwing a Sonic Boom. The FP Seismo wont hit if Guile is exactly the furthest distance away. The FP Seismo will hit if he throws a Sonic Boom, or walks forward slightly. I think this method is the safest way to corner Guile and maintain pressure at the same time even though your full screen away. (Shigz)

-If Viper guesses right and throws a real seismo to hit guile, SJC and your in. If guile quick rises, throw out your hk and continue pressuring him.
-If Guile keeps walking or jumping backwards and you think he wont throw a Sonic Boom, slowly creep your way in by walking foward a bit and Seismo feinting.
-Make sure when your feinting, that you keep in mind that his EX sonic booms are very fast and try your best to jump over them.
-If you miss your hp Seismo, Guile can EX Sonic Boom so watch out. If you put him in block stun, guile can’t do anything, SJC from the blocked Seismo into anything you want. (Shigz)[/details]


What Cammy says

[details=Spoiler]His normals are unchanged. Some of them (far Hp. and cr. Rh) do less damage.

His normals are still (or should I say even more) subpar to Cammy’s. All this talk about his cr. Mk being 6 frames and cr. Lp, cr. Mp link being 2 frames is BS.

Also James is wrong about FK having faster charge time, only Guile’s SB charge time is faster.

This matchup is mostly unchanged. To win you need to score a knockdown or bore him to death. Guile was my alt in… pretty much every SF game, besides SSFIV, so I think I know something about the matchup.

Start every fight (but not round) with building meter. Use TKCS when there are no SBs around, and use LP SBF to go through a SB from full screen, it is almost as fast as jumping and doing LK CStrike but gives you 30 meter instead of 10. Do not Focus Absorb Booms, from far range, unless you’re going to get hit by it, as it gives him additional meter, if you use SBF and TKCS, you will build meter twice as fast as Guile does. I know it will take a while to build that one EX bar, but it is worth it. Once you get that EX bar start walking forward. I do not recomed using FA dash through them.

From mid screen start baiting his Booms with random jabs and shorts, and buffer motion every time. If he does a Boom, EX Arrow through it (this takes a lot of practice, but it is possible). If he starts moving forward (only moving, and not using his db Lk Knee Bazooka) do a Neutral jump. From a N.jump I usually do two moves N.j. Hp to reduce Cammy’s lower hitbox to avoid mistimed F+Hp or far Hp, and EX Cstrike to hit Guile when he is in range. Either way you will get in.

When poking agianst Guile, Cammy’s new far Rh helps a lot. His only two normals that have comparable range are: f+Hp, that is crouchable and whiff punishable with improved cr. Rh, and far Rh that has whole 13 frame startup. Even if it trades with his Boom you still do more damage. I also like to whiff far Mp and cr. Mk with buffered SA against him from time to time. Both moves have 4 active frames so they work well if he decides to throw a random poke.

Another important thing. Guile’s cr. Hp is overrated as AA. It is fast and has a great hitbox but lacks one thing to make it a great AA, large active frame window. Let’s say Ryu’s cr. Hp has 8 active frames, but Guile’s cr. Hp has only 4. So when jumping on Guile at mid range (yes it is possible) you want to use Cammy’s j. Hp, and only it, CStrikes have very long startup, so Guile is able to hit them on reaction. The whole problem with having only 4 active frames means that Guile cannot throw it early and instead he has to use it on reaction (which is impossible with j.Hp) or just time it with a jump in. You can trick him by using j. Hp early so it would stuff his cr. Hp. That way it can be beaten by Flash Kick, but you can stuff FK by timing it too late. EX FK will win every time though. If you hit him like this, always use SA as a combo ender, as it leaves you very close.

I think you know what to do when you get a knockdown against Guile.

Hope this helps. It sure is a boring strategy but it should even up the score. Just make sure you practice doing Lp SBF through SB from full screen before going online.

About changed stun.
I already said it in the “buffs and nerfs” thread, only one move that has changed stun values is:
Cannon Spike
LK ground 100 air 150 (all versions were ground 200 air 100)
MK ground 100 air 180
HK ground 100 air 200
EX ground 200 air 100

Even more reasons to stop using CS>FADC>CS, and start doing CS>FADC>Ultra instead.

Far HK shoud be used simmilar to how Guile uses his far Hp, it is great.

I had some sucess using SBF. Lp version fullscreen to go through fireballs and to bait things, Mp version against fireballs while walking forward, and against some moves with long startup and active frames, like Soul Spiral, Double Knee Press, Machinegun Punches. Use it from time to time.

Cr. Mk does work as AA but don’t buffer SA into it. My favourite move against n. Jump besides CSpike (sometimes it is hard to land it) is n. Jump Hk, (or Hp from very close range). Try it against Chun doing her n. Jump Hk or Honda doing his n. Jump Hp, you will be surprised. You can also beat things like Dictators Headstomp (EX version mostly trades, but you can beat it with n.j. Lp, no joke), Devils Reverse (even the EX version), and other moves with it. I find myself doing this a lot because it does same damage as (non Air to Air) CS now and it is a lot safer to do.[/details]



What Chun-Li says

[details=Spoiler]Despite both being charge characters, Sonic Boom is far better than Kikouken, so don’t get into fireball fights with Guile. Your main problem against Guile will be just trying to get to him. You can FADC through Sonic Booms, or use a well-timed Hasan Shu. Chun’s in-close game is much better than Guile’s, so once she gets in she can bully him. Guile also can’t deal with J.LK crossup attemps very well, so this is another way to take the fight to him. Be sure to curb your offensiveness enough to make the Guile player whiff Flash Kick attempts, or at least be hesistant in throwing them out.

A lot of unorganized talk about about Guile on the first page of this thread:[/details]


What Cody says


No organized talk on Guile. Like Adon, Cody is a new character.


What Dan says


I lol’d

Dee Jay

What Dee Jay says


C.RH stuffs out a majority of attacks such as guiles double sweep


What Dhalsim says


“Yoga Tower beats Sonic Boom”


What Dudley says



What E.Honda says

[details=Spoiler](6/4 Guile) You’ve got skills, but it doesn’t look like you’re enjoying yourself much.
Despite guile being shit tier in SF4, he still gives certain characters a bit of trouble. One of these characters is E.Honda and the reason is because he turtles like Honda, but he?s better at it. Sonic Boom has nearly instant recovery upon leaving his hands, c.fp is an AA wall and rh, b+fp, f+fp and are like spikes on the side of a fort gate. You just can?t get in.

Now before people start going on and on about how you beat Guile, realize that most Guile?s in the US blow. But there are a few good ones like DaggerG, Gilley, Dieminion and Lamerboi (always room for up and comers to). These Guiles are all thorns in your side that are content with throwing sonic booms like a machine gun, all day. You jump; you eat a fist in your ass. You FA dash; he shoves his fist in your face. There?s a lot more to these Guiles than your average scrub, sonic boom, sweep, wait, FLASH KICK!!!

Understanding Sonic Boom
Sonic boom is not a damage tool. You might think it?s a damage tool, it was a damage tool in ST, it looks like a damage tool, but really, it?s not. In fact, sonic boom damage is straight up awful. I could eat and block sonic booms all day and not give a shit because the things do 50 damage. That?s only 10 damage more than Honda?s crouching jab! So if SB isn?t a damage tool, what is it? Well it?s a spacing tool of course. Guile uses it to start his safe (and extremely shitty) offense so that you can?t just spam some safe reversal and kick his ass. His offense is literally 3 or 4 normals: forward/back fierce,, f+rh and sweep (which sucks).

As soon as the round starts and you face off against Guile, you?re main enemy is pretty much the timer because in this match-up, Guile does nothing but charge for a SB, throw it, and wait for your reaction. You jump it incorrectly; you eat an air throw, either of the fierces or a j.rh. You FA, bam, f+rh or f+fp. You do nothing, he throws another one.

So you?re probably wondering right now, how do you beat guile? The answer is, you be random. Guile is fundamentally the same as Dhalsim, which is why Capcom has a hard time balancing them. They?re made to keep you out and force your move so the only way you can get around his defense is to be unpredictable.

Offensive Tools:

BEST TOOL: WALK. Wait what? Yes, you walk. You stop jumping, you stop doing fancy focus attack shit, you stomp splashing like a stupid kid in a pool and you stop headbutting like a dumb boxer and just walk forward. If you get into Guile?s poke range, you walk and you block more. Fundamentally, if you?re doing nothing but blocking, guile can?t really hurt you. It?s only when you do stupid things like jump predictably that you open yourself up to damage. If you watch Akimo vs Guile, you?ll see that whenever he jumps in stupidly, he loses and whenever he spends ? of the round walking about, blocking, he wins. Ironically, even though Akimo?s the best, he sucks at fighting guile because half the time he?s patient and half the time, he just doesn?t care.

Even though you shouldn?t jump, sometimes it?s still advantageous to do so because there is a range where jumping works well. It?s slightly farther than guile?s f+rh range and you only do it after the boom has been thrown. Soon as the boom?s thrown, you have to be already in the air. The reason for this is because c.fp has startup and at the range where you?re jumping in, guile can only get a piece of honda?s j.rh?s foot. So you?re most like to win or trade. He has no charge to flash kick you, back fierce won?t work cause the of the angle, it?s too late for air throw and any attempts to jump roundhouse. The other range you can jump is within Guile?s sweep range. It has to be fairly unpredictable but the way to do it is to jump and stick out an early strong. You?ll clip Guile in the head and be able to link a c.lp xx hhs, rh.

One last situation to jump is when Guile is following behind his boom, coming in to poke you. If you neutral jump and then fierce really late, you?ll usually be able to trade his c.fp that he?ll attempt to throw out underneath you. Sometimes what?ll happen is you?ll fall on the boom, but that?s ok, 50 damage taken and no follow up.

Now that you know when to jump and when to walk, you whole purpose now should be keeping guile in the corner. You spend ? of the time walking, and ? of the time poking and handslapping the shit out of him. You watch the guile for his patterns and when you can figure out a good opening, take some time to poke him. Use s.fp (chop), (good for hitting boom startup), (also good for hitting boom startup) and an occasional headbutt. If the guile tries to jump out, jump back roundhouse or nj.fp. Don?t get knocked down cause then guile gets out of the corner. If you can keep guile cornered, counter-poke him a bit, throw in some hand slap pressure and make sure to AA his jump-ins with lp/ex headbutt, you have a very high chance of winning.

Sometimes, throwing in some FA?s helps because guile has no good armor break after boom. Just make sure you?re close range and that after the boom absorb, you let go cause his pokes are all fast (5 or more frames). Also, walk up Oicho is another good trick because if they do nothing, they get thrown and if they jump back, you can punish with cl.fp. It?s hard timing but go into training mode and try it. Guile has no jumping normals with vertical hitboxes, only horizontal ones so sticking your hand on his ass and attempting to grab it (close fierce animation is weiiirddd?) works wonders.

Splashing is something that?s a bit risky at times for Honda to attempt for a few reasons in this match-up. First off, c.hp beats it clean. If you attempt to throw off his timing by using different strengths of splash, it does work, but if you get a cross-up, he?s now out of the corner. Make sure to cross him up with mk in order to switch back sides. Same thing with Oicho. If you get him with an oicho, you now have to cross back over to prevent him from escaping.

Other things that work well against guile are meaty Oicho, meaty s.fp, meaty xx headbutt, meaty, meaty c.lp xx hhs and cross-up mk into, etc. In general, guiles like to jump away so don?t let him. If he becomes really obvious, knock him down and as soon as you can visually see him jump back, ultra. Guile has a very high arcing jump so the ultra will literally catch him before he can land, and it?s hilarious.

Overall, don?t be afraid to take risks against guile since his damage is awful, but don?t rush in stupidly and blindly so that you get counter-hit and poked to shit. Take the match-up slow even if you hate it.[/details]


El Fuerte

What El Fuerte says

[details=Spoiler]Standing Far HK can go over Sonic Booms, handy for Guile’s that like to walk behind their slow ones.

Get a life lead and make him come to you.

Guiles that love crHK sweep are being foolish. After you block the first one, focus the second one, then proceed to punish.

~ Careful of EX Sonic Booms when he has meter


Fei Long

What Fei Long says

[details=Spoiler]? Sonic Boom ?
? Flash Kick (Somersault Kick) ? Armor Breaking
? Air Throw ?
? Double Flash Kick (Super Somersault Kick) ?
? Flash Kick Explosion (Ultra Somersault Kick) ?

Can’t duck s.jab on block

Fastest inside (low short/low jab) normal is 4frames or greater

Uses Sonic Boom to get safe chip damage[/details]


What Gen says

[details=Spoiler]- Guile has every immediate means to zone Gen out. The main thing is his sonic booms recover too fast for even Gen to jump at him on reaction before he can recover in time to AA Gen. In order to zone in on him with a jump, you basically have to carefully space your jumps and guess before he would throw one out. This usually results in him walking back, making him adjust his zoning to where your jumps are less threatening and he is free to further pressure with sonic booms. Use the different jump lengths to your advantage. For example, jump with mantis where the crane jump would normally end at just the tip with crane roundhouse. When you land, see if he has done anything and act accordingly.

  • From a distance, I recommend focusing sonic booms (first identifying that they are non-ex) and back dashing to create space and build ultra meter. Be patient and always watch how he moves and spaces you. Sometimes you may just want to block them if you’re unsure of the situation.

  • It’s really tough to play any sort of footsies with him, because if you whiff anything it’s a free sonic boom. While the sonic boom may or may not hit you, he recovers fast to where if you jump at him he is able to AA you for free. So you’re forced to either block it, focus back dash, or neutral jump which is risky depending on the space and what boom he throws out. This leads me to believe that Gen’s focus attack comes in handy in this fight because of how much ground it covers and the ability to dash in off a blocked lvl2 with frame advantage. If you absorb at mid range a sonic boom (non ex), you can hit him with the focus and he will probably block it, but this allows you to get close to him and play mixup games. Don’t commit to a focus attack if Guile is crouching (unless he has just started to), because that indicates he has a charge for a flash kick or, ex-boom even. You can focus > back dash to try to bait a flash kick, but if he watches you carefully and/or just blocks, you just lose ground and have to start back from square one.

  • To win this match, you must make guile think about the way he’s throwing the sonic booms and you have to carefully watch if he has a charge or not. You HAVE to jump at him even if it means taking a few AA to the face. The good news is being AAed doesn’t hurt that bad to where you can’t afford to be hit more than once.



What Gouken says

[details=Spoiler]-if he backs himself into the corner, keep letting him go there until he runs out of room, he now has less time to charge his sonic boom. Pin him down with hados and force him to fight you with no special moves- be ready to block and tech and use random ex kongos
-watch to see if he’s charged this, if he is don’t jump in or you will eat a flash kick. Throw hados to force him to break his charge
-cross him up
-kongo his sonic boom if he follows. Learn the distances where he’d be safe
-kongo the 2nd hit of his roundhouse, or focus absorb to get in close
-he can air throw your Gouken Flip
-if he rushes you down, use cr. fp and cr. roundhouse to push him back. (watch to see if he focus attacks)
-if he is close to you on wake up and sonic booms- kongo it on your wake up
-watch for EX Sonic Boom, he can’t beat you in a fireball fight without it
-beware of walk up and grab
-he has some decent block strings and links to his normals now, block and tech or fish for an EX Kongo



What we say

[details=Spoiler] * You should know the range that he can backfist you at and the range he can fierce you at.
* You should know that you can punish the double sweep with an EX flashkick or at least a lvl 1 FA backdash.
* You should know how to block the target combo.
* You should know that you can punish the target combo inbetween the and the overhead with a flashkick or lvl 1 FA… maybe even xx boom.
* You should know that owns guile hard on wakeup due flashkick not being good for x-up defense.
* You should know to not jump in unless you are sure of it.


What Guy says

[details=Spoiler]This matchup is preceived as one of the harder ones and I didn’t really find anything to disagree with that sentiment.

Nothing really special here. A lot of situational normals. If you have bar EX Izuna and EX.Tatsu are the way to go. mk.Tatsu seemed to work pretty well on Guiles jump ins as well and helps when dealing with jump ins as he is following a jab sonic boom.

Sonic boom is no joke and either is Guiles pokes. Guy definately has his work cut out on this one. Don’t bother with Houzanto to get around sonic booms mid screen. This matchup is about being patient and walking Guile to the corner slowly. As always with Guile be careful with focus(especially focusing sonic booms in guiles f.fierce range). Be sure to have your Guile basics down such as don’t jump at Guile much and punish things like c.rh with focus follow up punish. Well spaced c.rh slide is unpunishable even by flash kick. Use it to pressure him and get undereith his fierce and even his and push him back. c.fierce messes with his s.fierce and backhand going underneith. Remember that c.fierce links with s.rh from a good sitance and on counter the link is really easy. Good damage and most imporantly good stun from a counter poke to one of Guiles best spacing normals.

Once in the corner you can give guile the same treatment as Ryu. If Guile trys to space you with sonic booms after run/stop set ups and target xx lp.houzanto, a follow up lp.houzanto will hit him for free and give hurricane/super and other damage options. Watchout for reversal flash kicks. They are a bit tricker than Ryu’s DP because the arch hits you if you try and do target xx run/stop to backdash where as ryu’s dp would whiff (he has to predict and tatsu/fireball to punish you in this situation) Be slow and thoughtful and try to keep Guile in the corner. Take advantage of that 950 stun if you can and punish any baited attempts at reversals with Bushin. It’s a hard matchup for sure. Guy has to outthink Guile alot in this matchup but Guy has big damage, a solid pressure game in teh corner and the lower stun on his side.

And wake up on guile is always pretty free. Do be careful of Sonic Hurricane though. I chose Ultra1 in this match to maximize my damage in the corner but a U2 for a baited flash kick isn’t bad either.

Elbow drop beats Guile’s Flash Kick SOLID when spaced properly. This will open up big mix up opportunities in this matchup[/details]


What Hakan says


A bad matchup for Hakan. Turtling Guiles can really hurt his game. You can of course use slide&followup to catch him whenever he uses a sonic boom, but that’s dependent on your current position. If you’re at max screen, don’t do a slide. If you’re three to four character lengths away from Guile, try it if you’re anticipating him doing a sonic boom, as it will usually catch him. If he’s turtling, I’ve had luck just oiling up, dashing up and using a 360 from max range. It can catch him, but most Guile’s will smarten up to that tactic and just poke you out of your dash. In that case, try a DNC poke, as it may catch Guile. DNC pokes can also be used to punish sonic booms, but it’s very range dependant, since sonic booms recover so quickly.



What Ibuki says

[details=Spoiler]1. Does cr.lp x2 > st.lp, hit this character when its crouching and does it have to be delayed? (if it has to be delayed it will say “delay”)

  1. Does cr.lp x2 > st.lp connect on this character when they crouch block?

  2. Does the second hit of the medium punch in the lp,mp,hp target combo connect on crouch block?

  3. Does the last hit on the launcher combos wiff versus this character if they are crouch blocking?


What Juri says



What Ken says

[details=Spoiler]Match-up: Guile
Situation: Guile following his SB+lp and following it

A quick note on Focus-absorbing:
All absorbs should be done like a parry - split second before impact. One should not plant themselves and overtly show they are charging.

Mix and match note: Some options can be mixed and matched with others. But nothing is more important than a simple mix-up of all options. Keep the opponent guessing as what you will do.

Defensive tactics

  1. Block
    Defaut tactic. It is usually better to be safe-than-sorry.
  2. F-absorb (SB) and back-dash-cancel
    Will reset the situation. If Guile has done a full-screen SB and dash-followed making his body IN THE SB… don’t use this option.
  3. FB
    If you have the room and time - nullify the SB with a FB
  4. FADC-bb, FaDC-bb (my new and favorite mix-up)
    Charge FA and show an intent to absorb the SB. Before impact - dash cancel backwards and then go immediately to “step 2” (above).
    Notes: this is a fake-out. Upon seein the FA charge - Guile is forced to either:
    a) stop
    b) jump attack
    c) ground attack
    All of which will unaffect you as you will backdash-cancel out removing you from danger. You can then go immediately into “step 2” and not be worried from a counter as Guile is still trying to work out what to do.
  5. TATSU jump
    Launch yourself forward over the SB with an IMMEDIATE TATSU. Should be aiming to fly over the SB and Guile… landing on the otherside of the field.

Counter tactics

  1. F-absorb SB and immediately release FA
    You are aiming to absorb the SB and immediately attack Guile…
    either forcing him to block, or be countered during the start-up of his follow-up. This tactic usually only works if there is a decent space between Guile and his SB when he is following. Don’t use if he is IN THE SB.
  2. Block and then charge FA
    Block the SB and then F-absorb his follow-up.

Offensive tactics These are listed as offensive due to their… high-high risk

  1. Jump over and attack
    Rarely to be used as counter-punish options for Guile are plenty.
  2. FB.ex
    If you believe Guile will stay grounded… a ex might suprise him.
  3. DP.ex
    Go through the SB with invincibility start-up of DP and punish his follow-up attack. Very risky
  4. TATSU
    You are aiming to go over his SB and get him. I doubt it will get him… but it is an option none-the-less. Timing is also tricky.

Probably a few more to write about. But I’ve had enough now. All this just to talk about his SB. But if you take his SB out of the game… you’ve beaten him. [/details]


What M.Bison/Dictator says

[details=Spoiler]Ground Game:
Your main intention on the ground is to out poke and get close to Guile to force him out of sonic boom mode. One of the first things you need to remember is that he has the advantage from the mid-to-long range. Zoning you out with Sonic booms and then punching you out with c.HP when you jump over them in the mid range. In the long range, it’s basically a timer distraction. Get in to mid-to-close range of Guile through focus attacks are neutral jumps (we don’t want to subject ourselves to a backfist of c.HP from Guile too much) and just inch closer. When you get to his face, Guile will likely start playing the footsie game and throwing out s.HP c.MP’s for counter hits and pokes to supplement his other normals.

Again, he’s weak to cross ups, so work into some tick throws and baits. Cross up j.MK c.LP s.LP throw, c.LK c.MK counter hit frame trap, c.MP c.MK counter hit frame trap. Lots of things to do on his wake up. Once you knock him down, you’re in and you have to stay on top at all times, leave gaps in block strings look to bait the flash kick. Good Guiles are weary of throwing out flash kicks which is where you get your throw attempts. Make it look like your going in for a throw and immediately do cr.LK x3 xx Knee Press this will beat their throw escape.

If he goes for a sweep, you can c.LK xx LK Knee Press between the two attacks from the sweep and start up some cross ups. Guile’s wake up options aren’t great, they are limited to a lucky EX-Flash kick (auto correct) and Ultra I & II. You can also EX-Knee Press, EX-Psycho Crusher and Nightmare Booster between the hits as well.

After landing a throw (always throw into corners as it limits his spacing and lets you stay on top) dash once and decide wether you are going to go for a crossup j.MK be weary if he has meter and i wouldn’t advise it if he has Ultra stocked because of auto-correct EX-Flash kick and Ultra I, however if he does and you throw him into a corner (whilst already in the corner) you can safe jump him with j.HP so that it whiffs on purpose and you land and block baiting the Ultra, if no ultra then go for a throw attempt or c.LK combo or c.LK tick throw him back into the corner.

Don’t forget they aren’t gonna play perfect and as long as you know what NOT to do you can always look out for mistakes, just stay on them.

Air Game:
Air throws will beat Bison pretty clean if done right. You’re free to do some Devil’s Reverse and Head Press when he’s busy throwing sonic booms in mid-to-close range though. Keep in mind if you do Head Press and it gets blocked, don’t steer Bison back onto Guile because that’s a free air throw in his vicinity (jumping forward, backward and upward), just retreat back to mid range and work your way back in on block. Use Devil’s Reverse to walk him towards the corner if he likes to backpeddle. But don’t go too close into his air throw range. If he does go for air throw, make sure you use LP followup to quickly tag him him on the way down for the knock down and go for the wake up games.

Ultra Combo:
Ultra I isn’t useful outside of random wake up ultras and linking after the Super (which, if you’re already hit, there’s nothing to do about it except watch).
Ultra II is a free Psycho Punisher punish if Guile doesn’t Flash kick FADC into it. It’s not punishable on block so you are left at square one if you’re forced to block it because it will push you away from him. [/details]


What Makoto says



What Rose says

[details=Spoiler]Could not find any organized information.
Look for it manually at[/details]


What Rufus says

[details=Spoiler]focus the 2nd kick of his sweep and punish
EX messiah between the kicks of his sweep
jump after the first hit and divekick
Flash kick sucks as anti air (even divekicks trades)[/details]



What Ryu says



What Sagat says

[details=Spoiler]From PlayGroundLegend: Tiger shots all day. Way quicker than guile’s sonic boom.

Guile has to charge to fire, sagat doesn’t GG SCRUB hehe.

Anyway. If you’re losing it’s probably because he’s jumping over your fireballs. which means you need to work on your BASICS.

  1. There is a safe distance to throw a TS, and an unsafe distance where an opponent can jump in for free. Throw tiger shots from a safe distance. Also, standing tiger shots recover faster than crouching tiger shots, throw high shots when you’re in a fireball war - with any character. So if he’s tossing sonic booms - use fierce punch tiger shots, your next tiger shot should be a round house (hard kick) tiger shot aka low tiger shot. This is because guile’s will charge while holding down, and in order for guile to sonic boom he will need time to charge, if you throw a high tiger shot at this point it won’t hit him because he’s ducking and charging.

  2. Guile’s crouching fierce (anti air where he punches up while crouching) is one of the best moves in the game, it stuffs everything. Do not jump in at him. Also, he can air grab you. stay on the ground.

  3. Guile’s ultra blows kak - do not fear it. ever. for any reason. it’s awful.

  4. Guile will throw slow booms, walk behind them, expect you to focus attack his boom - and then do that backhand swing punch. i think it’s F. Fierce but im not sure - doesn’t matter, it’s the punch where he pivots his foot and swings his torso - arm at you - long range punch. Do not focus his slow booms, it’s like the chun-li matchup. They want you to do that.

  5. keep your eye on his super meter. EX booms are decent. Don’t get caught in a fireball fight predictably throwing shot after shot if he has 2 meters, you will get caught. When you see he has 2 meters “feint” fireballs. which means fake out like you’re gonna throw a tiger shot. You can do this by crouching or throwing out random normals like jab or crouching short etc. When sagat throws a low TS he crouches first. So if you just crouch and hit short or jab it can fake out your opponent, and you can just block the boom. Now, he can obviously ex boom off of 1 meter, but I say two because if he has an extra to burn, and one in the bank - for sure he’s gonna throw one out.

  6. Guile, like most of the cast has no answer for tiger knee. if he’s at close distance, and there’s no sonic boom in front of him, just knee the shit out of him.

  7. Guile’s flash kick blows - you can cross him up all day if you’re up close and tic throw him.

  8. Guile’s crouching round house is the worsttttttttttt moveeeeeeeeeeee in the game. It’s the one where he spins around on the ground and hits you twice. If you see a guile do this move - and you DO NOT have ultra, just focus attack the first hit and release / dash back. OR If your reaction is slow, block the first kick, Focus attack the 2nd kick, release, dash back. IF YOU HAVE ULTRA, just ultra his stupid ass. either before / during the first kick or if you block the first kick, do it while his slow ass is going for the 2nd kick.

Guile’s crouching HK is the worst move. When he pulls that first kick out, you have almost endless possibilities as to what you can do before he connects with the second kick. You can…

  1. Tiger Upper out.
  2. lk. Tiger Knee
  3. Special
  4. Ultra
  5. Focus Attack (Not more than Level 2)
  6. FA > Backdash to keep safe[/details]


What Sakura says



What Seth says


Can interrupt 2nd hit with DP, Jab/EX SPD, Ultra, or even Super

Flash Kick (all versions):

Jab Tandem Engine into close fierce combo


Walk forward a bit, then do any low fierce combo


After blocking the 1st flash kick, do a backward KKK teleport then jump forward with any crossup roundhouse combo[/details]


What T.Hawk says

[details=Spoiler]Guile can shut down hawk with like 3 buttons. very tough. This will be an extremely boring/infuriating matchup.



What Vega/Claw says

[details=Spoiler]Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom. You know it’s coming, now you just have to find ways around it. Here’s another one of those matches that, I feel, stands as a complete opposite to an aforementioned matchup (Blanka). In this match, walldiving is a good friend of yours; not some scornful bitch that fucks you up every time you go back to it (see walldiving vs Blanka). Anyways, walldiving can be pretty rewarding in this match, but only if you fully understand the mechanics of steering walldives.

As you might have seen, Guile players tend to use the jab sonic boom as a means to close distance; kinda the same way Chun players like to hide behind kikoukens. If you start to see this pattern, there are a couple things you can do:

  • Now, this is depending on where they are in relationship to their projectile, but I’ve been successful at just tapping an FA to absorb the fireball and releasing immediately after the absorbtion. Of course, you can be punished for this, but like I said eariler, it really depends on how far behind their fireball they are.
  • EX Scarlett Terror. I like this option, because it hits a good distance outwards, will go through any projectile, and stuffs practically all pokes that Guile/Chun players use as follow ups to their fireball.
  • Jump in. Since Guile is walking around, he’s not charging, so you’re safe from the flash kick. Also, Guile’s cr. fierce is dangerous, but it’s not invincible. Learn to throw out your j. rh faster to stuff his cr. fierce AA.

In short, you want to play the mid-range game with Guile, with a fair mix of walldives. Cr. strong beats the majority of Guile’s pokes pretty clean.

Overall Matchup: 5:5
Best Normal: cr. str



What Zangief says

[details=Spoiler]Gief has the advantage, b/c once he gets in, it’s pretty much over.

  • If he’s chucking booms from full screen, feel free to gain some Ultra meter by focusing, but pay attention for EX Booms. They’re way too fast to decently react to. Just watch the EX meter. Pay attention to the MAGIC RANGE where you can jump over a boom and jab SPD.

  • If Guile doesn’t have EX meter, nothing on the ground will sufficiently beat jumping MK. Flash kick trades or gets stuffed, and cr.HP is the same. Also, using Cr.HP is dangerous b/c of the empty jump->spd threat. Alot of Guiles will jump back mk/hk instead. That’s fine, you’re gaining position and working them to the corner.

  • Against any guile who spams Cr. HK, EX Hand or Jab SPD (if in range). That move sucks and all scrub guiles use it. You punish between the first and second sweeps. You are out of block stun between them, but he’s committed to doing the second sweep already.

So, block one sweep->EX hand.

The second sweep is safe on block, but it doesn’t matter, b/c the move is not good at all.

  • Guile has weak crossup defense. Flash Kick gets stuffed, EX flash kick commonly goes the wrong way, and ultra is way too slow. Take advantage of this by mixing up these options when he gets up. His best answer is usually to just hold up back, gameplan for that.
    —) HP Splash->whatever
    —) LK Knees-> whatever
    —) Empty Jump->Cr.LK->whatever
    —) Empty Jump->SPD/360+k

  • EX Flash Kick Will knock you clean out of lariat from a good distance away, so don’t spam it. Not like you ever should.

The real reason I think Gief wins this fight is because of the damage differential. Guile’s damage comes from Sonic Booms and EX Flash Kicks, while gief can take relatively huge risks all day without fear of much punishment. You gotta be patient, but the W will come in the end.[/details]


Oh s%$*! They know how to punish my now! There goes my entire gameplan out the window.

Really though, the only posts that were accurate were Ryus, Claws, Hondas and giefs… especially Ryu. I imagine though this is just due to the lack of guile players in vanilla. He really didn’t get alot of exposure from good players so when you see things like “Gief’s beats flashkick all day,” the gief probably never played a guile who actually knows how to hit non-EX flashkicks. Kinda sad.

Anyways, thanks for posting it, although nothing is too pertinent, I did get some lulz. IMO, most useful thing posted up there for vs. guile…

Originally Posted by MagnetoManiac
When you trade projectiles, you can SRK FADC his poke and fuck him up. If you miss oh well, he can’t do shit.

Just whore out your risk/reward factors but be smart about it. He can’t guess correctly for long.

edit: Focus absorb a sonic boom and dash up and mix him up with grab or shoryu FADC ultra.

Ha, this man knows how to play vanilla ryu!


The other thing that I found to be accurate was the Guy match up wrt elbow.

Elbow DOES eat FK solid. Better off FA backdash or something.


If you’re talking about the elbow where he flies up and either throws you or elbows u, that elbow can be stuffed by c.hp if he’s right above you, and if he’s slightly in front of you but you have to hit it early to avoid trade. Many guys love to elbow drop about Guile’s s.hp distance so they’ll whiff and this is the perfect distance to them. Jump back fp will stuff his throw/elbow attempts better than airthrow imo quite well if you do it fast enough.


lol yeah a lot of the ones I read seemed to be inaccurate but that’s all the info they had on Guile. I love the cockiness in the majority of the posts, makes me smile, but then again that’s how most match-up threads are. Seems even though Guile has been getting some hype lately, he’s still underestimated and/or their match-up threads have not been updated.


I imagine that Guy’s elbow drop could be close’d? Again, I’d test on the cpu, but it’s a poor substitute for the real deal. It just seems like he’s at the perfect angle for that goofy heel kick to smack him.

#11 ftw?


Some of those dudes are salty as shit. Salty shit?


Haha yea, sorta makes you wonder how much people actually see it, basically every strategy is “Cross him up, punish the sweep!”

Honda’s matchup strategy was pretty damn funny. Cammy’s strategy actually sorta worries me.


I don’t think I’ve seen one decent Guile player use c.HK outside of a guaranteed knockdown in a combo but yet every strat involves getting around that move :lol:


On very, very sparse occasions (probably done this once or twice), I FADC > throw for the surprise factor. lol


I’m almost positive Guile has no combo into I’ve seen Dagger_G and Warhak use cr.HK sparingly. Every now and then, it’s…ok. Doing it alot is dangerour, cause then people start looking out for it (and it’s easy to punish). Doing it once in a while will take them by surprise.

Edit: I’m such an idiot. to of course. The classic combo.

Yeah, SB combos into, though I really don’t count that since projectiles have tons of hit / block advantage since they’re, well, projectiles.


You can combo into in SB corner combos


Ya its true. About the It can be linked in the corner similar to standing f.hp.There are a few frame traps you can do using it as well. Either way its not a very good move and defiantely easily punishable. One of the things that guile players need to stop using as a first means of getting better lol.

#19 is very dangerous, and should be used very sparingly. does however have fucking high priority, and good start up / range. As a counter poke it can be pretty effective, is easier to use but harder to punish with because of its slower start up.

i think is most useful in the sim match up