Reverse mounting Neutrik NAUSB?

I don’t remember where I’ve seen/heard it, but I recall seeing some hot pics of a ‘reverse’ mounted NAUSB into a standard 24mm hole and it looked WAY cleaner than the regular mounting of it.

Can anyone share any pics that have it installed this way, and how it’s done? Maybe I’m missing something but when I mount mine backwards, it looks ugly and sticks out a bit. How are you guys doing it?

Thanks in advance!

Reverse mount? Is this mounting from the inside of the stick as opposed to outside? Maybe route out a bit of the wood from the inside of the stick behind a 24mm hole so it sits flush and mount it there.

Easiest way would be to use an mdf block as a spacer. Once you have the 19-24mm hole drilled you can flip your wood over and route a space for the adapter plate so that the “lip” of the nuetrik sits near flush with the 24mm hole. Insert the adapter and fill with hot glue, then take a piece of mdf with a 24mm hole in it and seal in your adapter.

example (pcb shown was later swapped to a paewang):

:u: I like that. Nice and clean.

i have a few more but they’re not uploaded yet. i built a jig to route out the inside of the panel before the case is assembled. if you don’t have a router (i’m assuming that you wouldn’t be asking the question if you did), i’d say a forstner bit and a drill press could give you similar results with a few plunges (although it wouldn’t look nearly as clean on the inside)

i also drill 2 more holes in the neutrik housing so i can put 4 short screws in

Nice godspu. I’d love to see more pics of your setup.
How do you screw the neutriks in?

4 very short screws with really heavy thread lol. i also glue them