Reverse Sticks - Are there any good ones out there?

So to explain why I am asking this I am a former professional FPS player (counter-strike / quake 3) and a few years ago during CGS I got hyped about the DoA games and how intense they were. So I tried my hand at fighting games…bought Street Fighter IV when it was released and paid somewhere around $200 for the Madcatz Fightstick that they released with SF4. But I soon found an extremely huge hindrance which would lead me to give up on fighting game genre all together.

Because I am a keyboard and mouse user of almost 20 years when it comes to gaming my “Right” hand has always been my “mouse” hand and I’m used to controlling my characters with it. And my left hand is my speedy clicking hand of my keyboard buttons. Because almost every fightstick I could find in the past was left hand = joystick right hand = button clicker I felt reversed and it felt unnatural and insanely annoying to play. Years ago I couldn’t find a fight stick that was reversed and so I stopped playing and went back to my PC games.

I figured I’d come here and just ask if anyone knows of a GOOD / QUALITY right hand joystick fightstick not some cheap offbrand stick. Money isn’t much of an option I just want to know if quality options exist out there…it’s the only way I could viably get into fighting games.

Thanks for the help.

I would personally buy a MadCatz T.E. and get a left handed layout (you can order custom layouts) plexi replacement from Art’s Hobbies.

This is the stick I still own that has sat in the closet for like 4 years, not sure if I can just mod this one to be right handed…:

Limited 2nd Edition MadCatz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition fightstick (Black Bezels)

here’s a link to the product line I’m talking about:

It should be as simple as taking out the 6 top screws and switching out the buttons. Art even has a step by step guide here: (first video)

But if your not comfortable with that I’m sure there are 1 or 2 reputable reverse handed sticks (I just have no idea where lol). I just wanted to suggest a solution.

The replacement panels art makes feel pretty decent to play on, too. That’s probably your best bet.

Your best bet is probably a Qanba Q2:

This might be my personal bias but I doing thing I trust a stick that can flip from normal to south paw format with a flick of a switch

Just got back from EVO and haven’t actually put it together (this is minus the plexi and art), but magocyber just made me an awesomeone; does Seimitsu/Korean stick mounts as well. He has a thread in the trading post for better examples of his work. Reasonably priced too.

I don’t think any company would release a purely left-handed stick out of the box, though. I’ve found Qanba to have decent quality products and the Q2 has Sanwa parts, so I don’t think it gets any better than this at retail. If OP is willing to mod his stick that’ll probably be better overall, not just in quality but also in terms of ergonomics.

That looks exactly like what I am looking for but a wooden box…sounds heavy as shit…how heavy is it?

Wood doesn’t get that heavy, and it resist alot of bending force that metal and plastics are prone too.

Wood is the best surface to play on; you can feel plexi and to a lesser extent metal flex a little when you hit the buttons. The top panel on mine is 1/2" MDF, it’s super solid.
I haven’t weighed it, but thew hole case feels pretty similar to a TE. Different woods have different weights, you can probably ask him to make one out of a lighter wood.

Out of curiousity why just 3 buttons per row and not 4 …i see that on a few sticks.

It’s almost purely player preference; most six button layouts are meant to imitate an arcade cab, a lot of guys consider eight buttons less aesthetically appealing, or they don’t like the idea of having two dead buttons in a six button game.

I actually play on an eight button, I just had two plugs in the extra holes at the time.

A lot of games don’t specifically use those buttons, but game configs usually set them up as macros on consoles for Multi-button moves. The purist approach is that if you have to hit multiple buttons to pull off the move, press the buttons, don’t use the macro. After all, in the actual arcade versions, you don’t have the luxury of macros.

It sounds like you might also find yourself quite comfortable on a Hit Box.

I’ve never tried one myself, but they look like they would suit someone who is a decent typist. In theory they have faster directional input than sticks or even d-pads, because they take travel time between direction changes out of the equation.

That seems like it would be something that is banned at EVO and tournaments…is it EVO legal?

Wood is my favorite - it doesn’t flex like plastic or thin metal, it also doesn’t creak, sounds much more solid (I don’t like that echo you get inside a lot of meta or plastic cases, like the TE) and it doesn’t end up being too heavy. A little weight is nice in fightsticks though.

Almost all the fighting games only use up to 6 buttons (I’m sure there’s exceptions out there somewhere). Some people make 6 vs. 8 a thing but like UncleGary says, it’s really a preference thing.

No reason for it to not be. In fact HitBox got pretty excited about RDK GodSpeed taking 5th in the Injustice tournament this year using a hitbox. If you’re really into keyboard play, an all-button box can be fun. I think I even saw a box somewhere (show us your stick thread maybe) that was actually built using keyboard buttons and switches.

In the end though, if you already have a MadCatz TE, your best and most economical approach would be to pick up a replacement plexi top from Art’s show (tek-innovations). The switch is pretty easy to make, undo some screws, pull off the button’s quick-disconnects, screw stick into new plex, insert buttons, reattach QCDs, done.

Any reason you’ve ignored the first advice given?

Evo rules state they allow any kind of button mapping, any layout and button configuration.
What they do not allow are controller based Macros (in game macros are allowed), use of Turbo, and SOCD.

Read the Hitbox thread if you want to know more about SOCD. Its why many PCBS now have SOCD cleaners.