Reversing directions on a Mad Catz TE (PC)?

Is there a way to reverse the directional inputs on a Mad Catz TE?

I noticed that in the button config menu it just recognises one direction and assumes that you want up as up and down as down.

If you really need to know the reason, it’s because I only recently started playing on the stick, but I really feel like I should be using my right hand for the direction (in training mode I noticed just how much more accurate I was with my right hand), so I wanted to turn my stick around 180 so that the joystick is on the right. Any ideas?

Cut all but the ground line of the Joystick’s wire harness, swamp lines and re-splice.

You might also want to look into a custom panel as well.

Out of curiosity, how are you using your right hand with this? Are you rotating the stick upside down? You can technically do what you’re asking if you remap your joystick’s inputs using a program called Xpadder or Joy2Key. Either of those two programs lets you assign any of your joystick’s inputs as keyboard keys. So, you could assign Up on the joystick to say S on the keyboard and reverse your directions that way.

You could also do some modding to your stick by getting a custom panel made that mirrors the joystick to the other side. There are a few users on the forum who offer that service, such as blklightning21 or Arthong at his website.

However, if you’re new to using an arcade stick, I highly recommend that you simply stick (haha) with the default layout and just grind out some time in training mode learning how to do inputs with your left hand. If you ever went to a friend’s house for instance and played Street Fighter or what have you on a console, you can’t exactly swap the inputs like you could on your PC. It will probably save you some time in the long run, especially if you ever need to say borrow a stick from someone in the event you don’t have your own.

Or, you could be like Seth Killian and learn to play cross-handed. :lol:

you could open up the stick and rotate the jlf pcb 180 degrees
Honestly though, you should practice more because now your buttons won’t be as ergonomic. the reason the stick is on the left is because you don’t need as much control as you need the dexterity in your right hand for the buttons.

Thanks for all the comments.

I was actually hoping not to have to physically mod the stick. For one I’ve never dabbled in that.

Yeah, I tried rotating the stick upside down. I have Xpadder too and I did try that, but SF then recognises both the joystick input *and *the keypress sent by Xpadder for “up”. So for eg. it goes up because of the joystick and down because of Xpadder and so it stays in the same place. Can’t even get past the menus when I tried that.
You hear two menu beeps for one motion of the joystick, if that makes sense.

I also tried crossing my hands like Seth is in that pic. but that was really uncomfortable and unwieldy.

I guess for now I might just try and soldier on with my left hand for directions… but it’s terrible at the moment. I can’t dash at all with my left hand and always seem to miss the exact direction I want.and what’s disheartening is that when I use my right hand everything comes out smooth, just the way I want it.

Yeah, I definitely empathize with you on this. Really, it’s all about practice, practice, practice. You have no idea how many times I wanted to go back to a gamepad when I first got my stick. But, the more I continued to use it, the more comfortable it became, and the better I got. You’ll get it soon enough, probably within a week or two tops.

All you need to do is open up the stick, pop off the square gate, and rotate the jlf pcb 180 degrees. You shouldn’t even need to be messing with xpadder at all.

Why should he have to do that? Why can’t he practice with his right hand for the joystick and left hand for buttons? Would you suggest to a left handed person to just keep practicing writing with their right hand?

I’ve been telling people this, but they would not listen to me.

Get access to the Sanwa JLF.
Pop off the Restrictor Gate.
Rotate TP-MA half way.
Put back on the Gate.

Then just play on the TE other way around.

Haha. Yeah, it may have come off a little as me trying to enforce some kind of Aryan Race policy with this, but it wasn’t in bad will. I was more inputting my opinion on what I would do to minimize costs.

All I was trying to say is that if he were newer to arcade sticks, it may be hard to get used to a joystick period, so while it wasn’t the exact same scenario, I used my pad to stick conversion story to illustrate. There are some things that I feel you need to give a little time to before you really should say “This is absolutely not to my liking.” Then again, this opinion of mine might be very wrong in and of itself too. o_O

I see the analogy you’re trying to make. It’s sort of in the same vein as to why we can’t have the shift stick on the left and the steering wheel on the right (at least in the US and at least if you don’t import a car) or in the same vein as why is the D-pad on the right side of the controller instead of the left. In this instance, I know it’s a matter of finding the most comfortable way for you to play, and that with arcade sticks, it’s easier than with most other things to modify it just the way you want. I don’t want to start an argument or anything, but I do see your point and sorry if I rubbed you or anyone for that matter the wrong way Gummo. :sad:

Besides, my argument suddenly becomes invalid with Vicko and jdm714’s new information. :lol:

Thanks for this information jdm! I did not actually know about this before.