Reversing Racism: positive messages about your race or background?


Since the chicken nugget thread got closed :slight_smile:

Racism is still very much alive today and I think most of you would agree. However, with the incredible racial mixes and diversity that exists, people still judge and stereotype. I think that became apparent from that thread. Unfortunately if it takes 1 person to air his views, I’ll bet that there are many more that share the same thoughts but keep them inside. As a result it’s very easy to spiral into negative cycle of endless debate without actually enriching one’s thought process or broadening someone’s mind.

I’ll start:

Race: mixed north indian, white dutch and black carribean

Positive messages: Family parties are hilarious. Having three different races all part of the same family does make for awkard situations. However as a family we learned from each other, and now even the older generations (of all three) are more comfortable with eachother. Woman talk about woman stuff, and the men get the drinks and smokes out and talk about sports or cars. As part of his training my white cousin is now doing working as a cook at my black uncles takeaway, which is Caribbean food. He aced the first assignment and is really confident. A couple of years ago it would never have happened.

My white uncle is learning Hindi and does a better indian accent than anyone else in the entire family. He even confuses some of the far off relatives because they think they’re dealing with an albino indian or something.

OK, enough rambling. Please, take a moment to watch this video. Racism should be a thing of the past. Let’s keep it there.




Positive message about my race…?

Most positive thing I can say about it is that it has absolutely nothing to do with who I am as a person.


I’m Mexican, you want something positive?

Yea, I got nothing.


No need to water yourself down to a race or group. That only enforces prejudice, and stereotyping.

What I want to know is, where the fuck did the stereotype of the “lazy Mexican” ever pop up? I have never met Mexican who was lazy.


There is no way anything good can come of this thread. Sorry.

3 posts and I already got 3 people complaining.