Reviews in and she's looking a treat!

"*Though it says that new players may have ‘a hard time following what’s going on let alone influence the chaos’ the simplified control system always ‘makes something spectacular happen’ so anyone can enjoy it.

Fights feature ‘a few moments of magnificence per match’ thanks to the lenient mechanics*"
-Gamemaster MvC3 review, 90%.

Many basic attacks share the same input motions across the full roster of 36 characters, particularly the Hyper Combos, Marvel vs. Capcom’s take on Street Fighter IV’s Ultras, of which each character has numerous variations. The simplification of move sets and the reduction in the number of attack buttons from Marvel vs. Capcom 2’s four down to three are changes intended to broaden the game’s accessibility.
-Eurogamer MvC3 review, 8/10.

You lucky little Gen Wii kiddies, you sure are in for a treat this time! :bgrin:

…why do you keep coming back?

idk, kid is an epic troll. but he does have point MvC3 is doing what SF4 did to SF2.

lol @ Eurotrash review saying there is only 3 attack buttons. Special is an attack button it’s just not associated with a specific strength.

Me or Capcom? :confused:

“*Ultimately, Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s appeal will depend on your own disposition. Far more welcoming to button-mashers than Street Fighter IV, this is a game in which you can tap stuff and watch sparkly miracles happen. *”

Ineed; they’re designing the game for a new generation.

All they did was copy the concept from BlazBlue where you could mash to do cool moves. You make it sound like innovation.

That was a mode in Blazblue, it wasn’t part of the core game. Most Blazblue lobbies have that “noob” feature turned off.

Inno… what?! :wtf:

Isn’t he the Street Fighter guy?.. oh! So that’s where the one-button idea came from. Gotcha! :wink:

noob feature…?

But I thought fighters nowadays were all about “strategy” and “mind games”… what’s all this ‘noob’ business about? :confused:

Simple mode is also a mode in MvC3, and Simple Mode is likely turned off in lobbies as well. Even the basic control scheme is very similar in normal mode. 3 attack buttons, one special attack button. The only difference between the two games as far as layout are the assist buttons, which is “less” accessible (though certainly not difficult by any stretch). Hell in BB you got flashy moves from nearly everyone in the standard control scheme just by mashing D, so this is a step “back” in terms of what EuroGamer was claiming.

Technically assists are also “attack” buttons, but those are always overlooked. Also, who besides the greenest of the green, or simply those who have never played a fighting game in their life care about fighting game reviews? As though it’s going to sway anyone this close to release who had already been following the game for months.

Hypers are closer to Supers, not Ultras. :rofl:

Why did you feel like a new thread was needed to talk about this? General Discussion sticky plz.