Reviews on these please

first, i would like to say i’m a college student paying for my own tuition. i cannot afford a fight stick te/se, hrap, or any other good sticks straight out of the box. i’m trying to avoid having to buy fight stick, hrap, or even mas

i’m looking for decent cheap sticks like the ones below (links used for picture reference only). any comments/reviews on them? how are they to use straight out of the box?

any suggestions on cheap sticks?

also possibly later on, i might want to mod the joystick and buttons to sanwa/seimitsu. so, i would like to know can these be easily swapped for sanwa parts? (never modded before. so only swapping parts; no soldering, case modding, etc. i can only do drop-in replacement basically like the fightstick)

**so to sum it up:

  1. are the ones below decent to use out of the box?
  2. can the joystick and buttons be easily swapped without doing anything else?
  3. suggestions for decent and cheap sticks to use out of the box?
  4. can the answers from #3 be easily button/joystick swapped?
  5. where to get cheap sanwa/seimitsu/happ parts?

thanks for the help everyone
sorry if i’ve offended anyone with my noob status

EDIT: i love the info you guys are giving me but i’m still not getting some answers

The first two are garbage. They don’t appear particularly moddable.

The third one is passable, though not great or even good. I’ve played on them before at a friend’s house over here. I haven’t seen the insides, but it seems like it would require some significant surgery to mod.

The forth is probably your best bet. It’s modded pretty frequently, though it might require soldering. I’m not sure. Try searching the forum for more information.

At the price point of the Mayflash though, you are really better off buying a SE. It’s the only stick that’s remotely in your price range that offers easy part swapping.

The first two are crap. Forget them.

The second and third might pass for decent. You can probably do some manner of modding on these sticks but IMO they aren’t worth it. More than likely you would have to do some soldering to get full Sanwa/Seimitsu parts into those sticks.

The best thing you can do is put up a thread on another forum and see what people will offer you for $50. I would say that SRK is the best place to do that, but I think you need to be here for 6 months before you can use the BST section.

You can probably find a Fighting Stick 3 or Fight stick SE for that much, but I think you should save your money and get an HRAP or similar quality stick.

The 1st two links are horrible controllers and the last one is definitely a piece of crap. Invest in a Mayflash controller if you must.

I have owned both the mayflash and the wrestle joystick and enjoyed playing with the Wrestle much more. It give a much larger playing surface for you hand to rest and i find that important when trying ot pull of specail moves. THe only problem with that stick is that the ball top spins off very easily. LIke when your playing and stuff, but that can be easily fix

Hell, give me your PayPal account and I’ll spit in 10$ for you getting a decent stick. Get yourself an SE or even a TE if some other guys chip in;) Playing on shitty sticks is shitty.
I’ve tried this stick. fully moddable and free shipping. Only problem is if you release the stick from one direction, it registers the opposite direction on it’s way back.

i wish you were serious about the $10 lol. that’s how poor i am

Haha, how deliciously evil that would be:-D

But srsly PM me your paypal. I received my TE today, so I’m feeling a bit on the good side.

Don’t go out one weekend and save the beer money, you should be all set to afford an EX2, maybe even an SE stick.

Don’t cheap out on the stick ever. Lets say you get a cheap stick for 20-30 bucks. shipped it runs you another 5 bucks. Then you play on it and realize you want to mod it. Its most likely going to involve soldering, etc. Assuming you don’t already have the necessary tools, theres some more money there. We haven’t even gotten to procuring parts yet. The point is that by the end of it, you may as well have just saved your time and gotten a good stick or an easily moddable stick like the SE.

so what are some good sticks out of the box?

what are some easily moddable sticks like fightsticks? remember, i’m only able to swap parts; no soldering, etc

SE is the cheapest and easiest stick to mod and Its decent out of box too.

so to sum it up:

  1. are the ones below decent to use out of the box?
    Mayflash is the best
  2. can the joystick and buttons be easily swapped without doing anything else?
  3. suggestions for decent and cheap sticks to use out of the box?
  4. can the answers from #3 be easily button/joystick swapped?
  5. where to get cheap sanwa/seimitsu/happ parts?
    Prices for those are pretty standard, unless you go to the trading outlet and find some good deals

I don’t even know what system you need it for, but the examples you listed are all ps3, so I’ll go under that assumption. Everyone is saying the SE is your best bet, listen to that. $60 on Amazon with free shipping, quick disconnects for all buttons, its by far the easiest to mod.
After that, there is the Hori fighting stick 3, not bad as stock, but the stick is supposed to be a PITA to mod. Never tried it myself, but at $42 with free shipping at, its a good price.
Trust us, go with the SE. You might find a stick for $40 online somewhere, but when you start to mod it, you’ll wish you threw in the extra $20. Hell, I might buy one of these just for the shell, I’ve been having a hell of a time finding an empty case, and I have an axisadapter sitting around collecting dust.

thanks for the help
what’s an axisadapter? i actually jsut saw that on

its an adapter for compatible sixaxis and dualshock 3 controllers, so you can make a arcade stick out of them without soldering.

Yup, just waiting to find an empty case for it, then I’ll buy a pcb from Agg, assuming he still has a couple hiding around.
Anyway, there should be a thread around here about modding the fighting stick 3, take a look at it and what needs to be done to make it a champ. The problem with SE sticks is parts tend to go out, cheap madcatz parts and all. I’ve got an unmodded SE, haven’t had an issue yet though. If the Hori turns out to be an issue of desoldering connections then soldering a few wires, go for that if you have the know-how, but if it needs a complete makeover to get the stick in there, the Madcatz would be the better deal. Should a button go out, they’re cheap, you can get a Sanwa button for $3. Hell, ask around here, there are some folks I’ve seen who’ll toss you six new madcatz buttons for a few bucks if it comes to that or tossing them after a mod.

Hang on, found a thread on modding the fighting stick 3, looks like fun.
Not too bad, if you know how to handle the basics.

hold on let me buy all of them :looney:

No but seriously…

  • The Ikan stick is a knock-off of a bad “mini” stick model from Hori, and imitations are almost always (much) worse than the original. Avoid.
  • That Pelican is a piece of junk. They’ve made a couple other sticks over the years that were decent to mod, but that one there is basically a dish of lukewarm poo.
  • The InterAct Shadow Blade is the worst stick ever made. I’m serious. I got one for $10 just for laughs, just to see what makes it so bad, and I still feel like I wasted my money.
  • The one from eBay seller states.electronics might be okay. Might be. It’s a knock-off of a so-so Hori stick. Definitely a gamble purchase. There’s a high chance you’ll get a terrible stick, and a low chance you’ll get a passable stick. Something that’s decent, barely. Even for it’s cheap price, those are very unfortunate odds. It is probably moddable, but it won’t be an easy job.
  • The one from eBay seller jpmsolutionsinc is apparently alright and if I recall correctly it’s great (ie. simple) to mod.

With arcade sticks, awesome deals rarely if ever come up, and–so long as you steer clear of bad deals (there are many)–you really do get what you pay for.

  • Everyone who buys a poor joystick regrets it immediately.
  • Everyone who buys a mid-range joystick wishes they had a better one and will eventually quit or buy a better one anyway. - - Everyone who buys a nice one says it’s one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.
  • Unless you have a completely stocked workshop and a lot of craftsmanship experience, building is absolutely not cheaper than buying. You will spend a lot of time and effort and money to produce something that’s notably inferior to what you could’ve bought anyway. (It is fun though!)
  • Due to the gross cost of shipping, buying a cheaper, easy-to-mod stick tends to be only a hair cheaper than buying a better stick to start with… and that’s assuming you already have the right tools and supplies.

If you cannot get a good stick, I suggest that you get no stick at all.

You are too poor to buy cheap things that you will eventually have to replace, again, and again, and again.
When I was in college I ate Turkey breast sandwiches, ramen noodles, rice, eggs and canned food for a month to buy an Xbox. Stayed home when friends went out to go to a movie or stuff like that.

If you don’t mind a stick that has a lifespan of 6 months to 1 year then a Fighting stick 3 is for you.

Yep. For now, SE or nothing. Stay with pad or (best option) save for a good one.

I recently purchased the Wrestle Stick and the the ball top is my only gripe. When I have some spare time plus money It’ll probably be my first mod.