Revised Sakura/Pullum

Revised Sakura/Pullum (Vega-X color?)

The old version was a bit stiff, as someone mentioned.
Part of the schoolgirl beating the total babe theme-

This new one is better, but I’ll let someone else color it (unless I get Photoshop or Flash soon) Don’t want bad coloring to kill it.

Vega-X or anyone else can mess around w/it- I know we’re all busy, though.

Here’s the old version for color reference- thanks!

Who’s the cutest of the two? Hmm-

I’m gearing up for a Skullomania drawing. What should be his pose?

Bumping this for Vega-X, when he has time.

Nice one. It’s always refreshing to get new characters like Pullum, instead of Akuma and Cammy all the time. (no disrespect to people who draw those though…)

I remember this pic from a while back and YES it is nice to see more than just the same few main characters drawn.

it’s still a bit stiff though. You should make your characters lean more into the action. Visualize how sakura would look if she punch someone like that, if she’s doing a right hook like that, by the time pullum is reeling back, sakura’s fist should be past pullum’s face.

It also looks like pullum was standing too close to sakura and too low, when she took the hit. she should fly back more and should look a bit to her left, or more depending on how strong the punch was.


Good advice.
I’ll go over the drawing one more time before begging someone w/Photoshop to color it. Or I’ll break down & get it (or Flash MX)

Poor Pullum. 'Can’t imagine anyone wanting to hit her-