Revision version of 3s (arcade) differences

Anyone had much experience with this? Our boss (TSC) just got a new 3s board to replace the one that fried, but it seems to be the version without unblockables - are there any other differences?


Crossups seem to act a little weird on it. Sometimes the character seems to just land on whatever side, dont really know how to explain it. I’m not talking ambiguous crossup, this is something else. It’s just odd. There’s a cab here that everyone plays on and it seems like everything else is intact.

There’s a graphical difference in the life bars. When you get hit and the bar drains, it’s not red, instead it’s some see thru pattern.

there’s another version?.. when did they make that?

The arcade I go to has the Japanese first version and it has that pattern instead of solid red. I always thought it was because of the scanlines on the monitor making it look like that.

I’ve heard that Chun’s to super is harder to hit-confirm in version B or something, and that certain moves do slightly different damage. I don’t think I’ve ever tried it myself, unless the DC version counts.

from my few hours of play today, i can tentatively say i think this is true

Last I checked, rev.B is identical to the original, with the exception of the unblockables.

rev.B != DC port.

And I don’t think that Chun’s hit confirm is harder in rev.B. It still feels like you have 4 years to see if it connects.

Edit: But then again, I learned to play on rev.B. So I might not notice that you have more time to hit confirm the in the original. shrug

no unblockables… that’s retarded. guess that takes urien down a notch.

Other differences that I’ve heard of, but can’t confirm:

Dudley and Necro’s juggles have been weakened.

Genei Jin not as powerful (very good change!)

Urien and Oro unblockables removed (confirmed).

i reckon it’s harder to do dudley’s lp.mgb combo in the corner

if there is a new ver. are tourneys going to be using this one?

I always play on version B

Dudley and Necro’s juggles work properly
Genei-Jin does the same damage, dunno if the nerfed the priority but it doesn’t seem like that

I think you got v.B mixed up with DC port

Revision B got a very nasty reception in Japan.
It’s a shame we can’t just get some kind of C. MK hit confirm nerf in the revision A :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought v.B was the DC port :confused:

guess not

it’s a common misconception

even without counting input lag (which ruins everything) DC is more like a version “C” that never hit the arcades

Urien’s corner unblockable is still there. It’s not completely unblockable anymore, but it’s still really hard to block.

And it’s not like anyone relies on his midscreen unblockables anyways.

are you sure about dudley’s MGB juggles?

true, but the difference is now you only need to block uriens attacks and forget about the aegis, opponents need not to worry about it.

in the old version, you had to block differently, you had to block both ways to block uriens attack and the aegis. hold joystick in one direction for urien and hold in opposite direction for aegis, that’s why sometimes in tourneys you see uriens dash-push the opponent into the aegis.

as for the corner unblockable the computer could still block the corner unblockable. :frowning: haven’t had the chance to do it on human opponents yet.

The juggles definitely work; I didn’t find them to be harder, but again I’m not a Dudley player (only for casuals), so if there is a slight difference I wouldn’t have noticed.

But sure is nothing like DC version issues with Dudley.

Oh and about Chun’s cMK late cancel… I actually played 95% version B and 5% version A on arcade (local machine is version B), so I don’t know if it’s easier on version A, but it’s still VERY easy, and I found it easier to do than on PS2/Xbox