Revival of felicia

well this server is obviously about felicia, im just revivng this thread for anyone that is interested with learning her. so if youre curious about wanting to pick her up and play for fun, just drop a message here. so far i know another good felicia player here (remy), and if you have any problems or question just ask.

tempest rulz

teach me everything sensei
i like felicia to play as and look at:D

i wouldnt mind hearing some basic tactics and strategies… i’ve been messing around with a ton of different characters lately, and ive been meaning to mess with felicia… i hear her rushdown is good? could u explain how it works? thanx…

a lot of people say that for felicia to be effective, you need to play her with two other top-tier characters. that’s no fun! personally, i like to mix-up my felicia team at the second assist level. i always have tron proj. asst. as my third. i find that for AAA, i have the most fun with morrigan, big damage when you DHC hyper sand splash into soul eraser. other AAA’s I like to use are also capcom, cyke, and jin.

look at me look at me i’m a noobie!

but anyway, good combo with tron is if you can catch a grounded opponent with trons proj. asst. you can get over to the other side, b+hk xx qcb+kk.

sentinel will eat you alive!

Felicia/Morrigan is actually a well-chosen duo and one of the more effective pairs for Capcom’s side. I like to get the opponent into Felicia’s Please Help Me!, then DHC into Morrigan’s DI. THe damage is considerably noticable.


wow that sounds like a sweet dhc- i’ve been getting into morrigan lately, still havent given felicia a shot- could any1 give me a quick rundown of some of her better moves for rushdown? thanx…

I’m not a very good Felicia player, but I’ll tell you as much as I know. The following applies to the team of:

Felicia (Ground)/Morrigan (AA)/ Whoever

  1. Hyper Sand Slash DHC to Soul Eraser. That takes off good damage, as BusuB outlined. That is a must-know IMO mainly because Felicia’s light jabs and kicks can link to her Hyper Sand Slash super (QCF KK).

  2. To do the Please Help Me! (QCB KK), it’s best to trip the person after a brief two or three light hits. If they don’t roll, then do Please Help Me! and DHC into Morrigan’s DI.

  3. The first two points mentioned it, but light punches and kicks are a good thing to use, especially since Felicia has some good ground games (I’m not all aware of how much more she can do. Like I said, I’m not a very good Felicia player.)

  4. Felicia works as a point character in most of her teams. She and Morrigan work all right together because Morrigan covers any rush-happy people, and they both have a couple of DHCs that work nicely and do good damage.

This is about as much as I know, but try to ask around some of the other Marvel players that like playing mid-tier characters. They will more than likely be happy to explain and answer any questions.


to those that want to learn and use felicia all i can say is that shes a pretty decent character and can be really fun to use.
like ninjmai said shes better as a point character.

felicia has a very ground game, and builds meter quite fast.

hmmm where should i start? well some people here likes to use her with morrigan as stated earlier, some people like remy saitome, uses her along wth t-bonne’s projectile assist.
basic 1,2,3,4 + t-bonnes projectile then “onegai” super, will take a chunk out of anyones life. 70% health damage on sentinel i believe.

she also works well with dr doom, simply building meter with her rushdown, and also chipping the opponents life away. rush down, call dr doom, sand splash, rush down, sand splash special. quite alot of meter gained for so little time, and quite alot of guard damage too. yu can also try to cross them up with dr doom, then do the onegai super for massive damage.

me personally i perfer to team her up with rogue (throw) as this will open up the opportunity for onegai super. plus rogue, is also a very good character to use as a point char when needed.

also you might wanna give felicia a good anti air assist, as to her major weakness are characters that like to go airborne. ie: black heart, sentinel, storm. her strongest game is on the ground, so make sure they stay on the ground.

also do try to mix up her attacks with her FP throw, then mash, when done properly this should yield 1 full lvl of meter. plus it does quite alot of damage for a throw.

well thats all for now (im half awake) if anyone has specific questions, or just any questions they have about felicia. just post it here.

sorry if i havent gotten to the more important and neat stuff that she does. but ill try to post some more later. those that have questions pls ask them and be specific, so that i know where to begin. :slight_smile:

felicia/rogue/commando! :evil:

Yeah, Felicia can be an asset if you learn how to use her.

From what I’ve seen around the boards, she counters some of the stronger characters well, and matched with good assists, she can do hefty damage.

I personally like to use her with Morrigan. BusuB stated some of the pros of this duo, and their DHCs link very nicely. For a third character, I use Cammy simply because her AA assist can give Felicia some type of cover.


I love usin’ Felicia espcially in my team Magneto (A)/Cable (B)/Felicia (B) and I use Felicia as the main assist she’s great at ground combat and I abuse her sweep into Please Help Me or any other combo probaly a lil’ too much

:eek: <- me the first time i tried felicia

ok… wow… so now that ive actually played her, i guess i’ll jump on the bandwagon… shes CRAZY fast (this is coming from some1 who has used magneto longer than any other character)… i couldnt believe how quickly she gets in ur opponents face… that sand super is ridiculously fast… wow

well wat i just wrote was pretty pointless i guess- just wanted to say that felicia rocks… the first team i tried was felicia (ground)/ morrigan (aa)/ rogue (throw) but i cant seem to get the hang of rogue so now im trying felicia(ground)/morrigan(aa)/sonson(aa) cuz its crazy fun to rush down with a catgirl and have the opponent jump only to get hit by a monkey girl with a stick :lol:

any1 have any preference for wat assist felicia should use? i seem to pick ground for no apparent reason- is there anything better?

be careful with hyper sand splash. if she is hit during the animation, the animation continues, but your opponent doesn’t get hit anymore and gets free damage. sick against cable. however, when it connects, you get the 10-11 hits free regardless of when you DHC into whatever you choose except for throw/hold supers. it comes out AHVB fast (not quite but pretty darn close) and can punish lots of stuff and ducks under stuff like sents standing hp.

felicia is good (but not at all great) because of the easy comboability with 2 of her 3 supers. even her more difficult to land super (onegai) is still comboable without assists in the corner with b+hk or off of d+hk (although it is easily seen and rollable). one thing i do wish was that her supers didn’t push her opponents so far away. :frowning:

ground throw with hp gets decent damage when mashed and her air-throw has tremendous priority. jp.+hk is good when retreating (think jins hp.+hk, but with less recovery).

all hk moves have tremendous reach for a pixie character.

most of the options out of rolling buckler (qcf+p) have it’s uses. otg properties off of hk, combo finisher when low on meter with fp for instance.

an overhead would be nice, but ho-hum she doesn’t have one.

i almost never do air combos unless i’ve launched an opponent mid-air with hk.

i tend to user ground assist to keep her well covered if i happen to use her.

p.s. felicia will eat strider for breakfast.

wait… how does she eat strider for breakfast? one guy i know has a BEASTLY strider… all rushdown with orbs and :eek: … yea… it hurts a lot… so an explanation of how she beats him so easily would b great…

i play as felicia everyone once and a while.

ive never tried felicia/morrigan before…but ill give it shot.

i usually play as felicia/sil sam (ground)/xxx

felicia ground chain + sil sam assist > please help me. its a guarenteed set up since you dont have to worry about the opponent rolling.

felicia has an interesting reset combo:

c.lp,, XX fk sandkick(otg), slight pause, qcf + pp super.

it resets at the super. if done right, felicia will roll right pass the auto roll and hit from behind. dhc into sil sam’s lightning super during the uppercut hits for good damage

newb in training

Guild -balanced
Cable - Anti

How does that look…liking the feel personally. Ive used guile an felicia in their previous starring roles (SF, DS) so instant feel of the moves. Cable was my learning role really. But what do you experts think??

well, im no expert, but my recommendation for a team that might b more fun would b something like felicia/morrigan/guile (a team ive used multiple times)- of course, this is cuz i hate guile, and enjoy seeing ppl use non-god tier/upper-tier characters… felicia->morrigan have vicious dhcs (like hyper sand slash to soul eraser for one) and morrigan is a fun fast rushdown character, so i think she fits the team better…

now that i think of it, i almost always back up felicia with morrigan (aaa if ur wondering) although im not quite sure y… must b a ds thing…

and if ur really into the weird female creatures, drop guile and tag on son-son… cuz that team is fun and surprisingly good

I’ve played Felicia for a while, so I guess I’ll add some info: However, I refuse to call Onegai Taskete anything except Sexy Cats. :^) My main team is Doom/Felicia/Jugs, but there’ll be other random advice.
Doom aircombo to super Photon Array, after it ends DHC to Sexy Cats and mash can do around 90% to anyone incl. Sent. Plus they can’t roll…
Felicia can eat Sentinel alive, kinda like Strider - she takes bad damage but generally can counter everything he does. If he’s airborne, bait with assist and do Sexy Cats - any of his limbs can be hit, including the Rocketpunch fist. If you hit him standing at any time, it’s over - infinite to corner, choose a combo into Sexy Cats, OTG dash d.Short xx Sexy Cats and he’s gone. If he does a Fierce, a Rocketpunch, or an HSF, you can just do the Hyper Sand Splash and hit him instead. Also, you can superjump and grab the wall to avoid his ground game, and jump off to block his flying stuff.
Her Fierce throw should be used as often as possible - if mashed correctly (with joystick also) you can get an entire level of meter for it, and against most characters she can use it more effectively than they can.
You can also use Sexy Cats as an anti-triangle-jump and anti-crossup.
One of the main parts of Felicia’s game is learning to combo into Sexy Cats in midstage, with your chosen assists. A few useful ones:
Jugs overhead: d.Short->d.Fwd->B+RH+call Jugs, small pause, Sexy Cats. Can do around 90% if mashed.
Sent ground: d.Short+Sent->d.Fwd->B+RH (2 hits), Sexy Cats, drones hit, Super hits. Also can do around 90%.
Tron is obvious. :^)
Doom - takes a bit of practice: d.Short->s.Fierce, Doom and QCT+Fierce, Fierce [Shoryuken!], Sexy Cats, they hit the rocks and the cat hits.
Doom - easier: d.Short->d.Fwd+Doom->B+RH, pause, Sexy Cats, rocks hit, cat hits. Still takes some practice.
Also don’t forget to end your blocked combos in QCT+P into either Jab or RH. Both are safe.

Mike Z

wow, the legendary mike z- just wana say from the few vids ive seen, ur the man

could u say how to do the infinite? ive seen a vid of it, but im not sure how to do it- it looks kinda complicated…

also, any chance u could help me out with strategies? once im inside, im usually good, but sometimes i have a lot of trouble getting in… is the roll move good (assuming u have assist cover) to get in with? how about the uppercut kick thing (sry dont know names of moves)

thanx for any advice

Infinite has many variations, the easy one for me is: [jump toward Jab->Short->Strong (2 hits)->Fierce, long pause, RH right before you land]. Also it helps to dash-jump rather than just jump, so you don’t lose ground. Anything ending in Fierce->RH works though.
As for getting in, if you hit or make them block the roll->Jab (Neko Punch), it’s 100% safe. Same with the roll->slide. Sand splash is also safe-ish. DP+K (Delta Kick) is incredibly UNsafe, don’t use it ever - ESPECIALLY not in an aircombo. They can roll afterward, and punish you for hitting them…

Mike Z