Reviving Dead 3rd Strike Cartridges?!


This guy says he can do it. Does anyone know anything about this?


Actually, all it says is that he changed the battery, which you CAN do . . . as long as you do the swap before the old battery is dead.


Actually, read everything.


If you read the questions at the bottom, he says he can bring DEAD security carts back to life for 150 bucks. I dunno how, as far as i know, cps3 has yet to have its data fully extracted to do something like this, but perhaps he can do it through capcom japan, as they still fix security carts for japanese carts/hardware


My bad–

Anyway, looks fishy, but if you’ve got an extra $150??


Looks very fishy.

I’m pretty sure Capcom Japan woudn’t do it. But if this is true it means that dead 3S kits everywhere can be brought to life and the price of the kit will go down. Probably also means that 3s will finally be playable on mame.

150.00 is a lot less than 500+ for another kit.




dude, looking at this guy’s feedback, he does a shitload of arcade board shit.

someone with a dead 3s board just ask him to create an auction of 3s cart repair and go through with it. if he sucks, just give him neg feedback. sure, you’re out 150 bucks, but getting a dead cart to work would be priceless.

that seems the safest way to go about it.


The guys feedback is almost flawless, so he probably knows what he is doing.


Yes you can bring dead cart back to life but i swear Mean Bean on the Neogeo forums does it for $50.

He just swaps out the battery for a new one.

In Japan they fix your carts as long as your Jap resisdent.


Meanbean just changes batteries. He doesn’t revive dead carts, last I checked.

There is a huge difference between reviving a dead cart and changing a battery.


Oh see so when cart dies it causes more problems then just dead battery.


When the cart dies, Its dead, changing the battery wont do anything. The hardware still works, but all the security codes are gone, since the battery that was in there either died or got shorted out. When the battery is out or the cart is dead, the votile rom will be wiped, clearing all keys, making it impossible to play your game.

Changing a battery works only if the cart is still alive and kicking. Up until now (and this dood still sounds a lil fishy) dead carts are dead with no way of saving them. Short of capcoms help of course. But they only help if you’re an arcade owner, own a japanese cart and am a japanese resident.

Apparently this guy on ebay can bring them back to life, which mean he dumped the rom security codes somehow and is able to rewrite them onto an epprom

Not sure how he does it, but anyone willing to try?


He is legit. He did a couple for me.


lolol you kidding me burning vigor? this has been a MAJOR hurdle for years when it comes to 3s and yet you, or anyone else, failed to get this information out to the community that probably wants this info the most?

im sorry, but i call BS til i get proof from reliable source. cuz if this shit has been available for a while, it woulda been widespread in the community since many people own boards and dead carts

ive never heard of anyone working on decrypting cps3 yet or anything. never seen news or anything on people tyring to crack it.

i call major BS


Well if you’re calling me a liar then I’m calling you an idiot. Do you even own CPS3 hardware? It has nothing to do with decrypting, he has the hardware to reprogram the carts, just like Capcom Japan still does. Simple as that.


It nearly does have everything to do with Decrypting. If he hijacked the repair hardware from Capcom USA, they probably want their hardware back. It’s all custom stuff, and probably property of Capcom USA. If he’s got a method of Phoenix-style reviving CPS3 carts, he should share with the rest of the class like razoola and CPS2 shock has.


wait so you are saying that your 3rd strike cart is functioning with out the need of a battery? Because if he has actually brought it back would it not function with out a battery just like the cps2 boards which have been phoenixed right? I am not calling anyone out or trying to start a fight I am just surprised that something this huge would not be common knowledge by now. :sweat:

Has anyone else here had this done?


lol i have dead carts. and it has everything to do with encryption. a big reason why it took YEARS for cps2 emulation to be possible. you can call me an idiot if you want, but i know thats how the hardware works. the cart stores the security keys.

listen, im not calling you a liar. all im saying is this should have been massively huge news, especially in the emulation scene. so if it hasnt been known and its been around for a while. it sounds flaky, you sohuld understand our side on this. but then you directly try to insult me personally? whatever bro


Taiki, why would he want to share the info when he can make $150 a pop?

Whatever, I’m not going to argue. Just don’t edit your posts, I want you to remember how stupid you were when other people come out and confirm that he fixed their dead 3S carts.


Sounds cool, he must have gotten ahold of an offical reprogrammer for cps3. I’m doubtful as well, but who knows, people trade proto and dev equipment all the time and no one really talks about it for the reasons mentioned above (legal).

I just hope my 3s cart doesn’t die. Crosses fingers