Reviving Nor Cal: Bringing Back the Guilty Brood [Season 3: 3/6/10]

Reviving Nor Cal
Bringing Back the Guilty Brood

Live Stream (OFFLINE)

Season Results

**GGAC **singles WILL start at 2pm.
Hosted by: Dakanya, Magz, and Qwerty

GGAC 2v2 teams WILL to start at 5pm.
Hosted by: Dakanya, Magz, and Qwerty

**MBAA **singles tentative to start at 2pm.
*Hosted by: Tsubasa *

Side Tournaments are encouraged.

***BBCS *has their own tournament venue at SVGL,
but will join this venue in due time.


You must PRE-REGISTER in order to participate in this ranbat. We are capping the pre-reg at 40 people.
Venue Fee: $4 before 2pm, $5 after.
Note: If you still want to participate, but we reached the cap, then you will be on the waiting list.
Therefore, do not be discouraged if you are unable to participate…we make miracles happen.

How to register:
Pre-Register on Dakanya’s website

The Venue:
Lab 17
30997 Huntwood Ave #108
Hayward, CA

Ranbat Setup:


Parking Setup:
Lots of parking for LOTS of people.

New Addition to the Venue
As courtesy of the venue fee, we have a cab setup on free play and free refreshments:

3s & CvS2:

  • JP Astro City
  • Full Sanwa
    [Game to be decided]

About Registration: VERY IMPORTANT!
We must have you PRE-REGISTER before you enter the venue. The deadline to register is at April 2nd 11:59:59 PM (PST); $4 before 2pm, $5 after.

Remember, upon entering the venue, I implore you to practice common sense! Don’t be a douchebag, don’t be a litter freak, vandalize property, steal equipment, and anything else that can constitute gambling. I don’t have the patience to deal with that crap and neither should you. So let’s have a nice clean fight. >:3

You will be asked to pay for the tournament, you’ll be playing in, before participating. You may be asking why I’m doing this and this is my answer, ‘Organization.’ If there’s one mistake I learnt from the tournaments I’ve hosted n’ attended - and read about - then it’s lack of organization. I will be giving the money, and the registered names, to those who will be hosting the tournament. Rest assured, I will take that fight money and rain it on you while saying, “HEY! THIS ISN’T A SCAM!”

About Refreshments:
Refreshments will be provided as a compliment to the venue fee. The owner of Lab 17 is going out of his way to give us some snacks. Thank you!

Huge props to the following people:

  • TaoFTW

  • OrionxElite

  • Ginseng
    Thank you for bringing refreshments for everyone to enjoy. If you wish to join the cast of extraordinary gentlemen, or ladies, then bring something for us to munch on.

  • And a special thanks to everyone who brought SETUPS. This ranbat wouldn’t work without you.

Confirmed Setups:
Update on equipment:

  • TVs: 1

  • CRTs: 1
    o People who confirmed to bring TVs/CRTs:

  • Tsubasa, YAT

  • PS2: 0 GGAC Setup(s), 2 MBAA Setup(s)
    o People who confirmed to bring GGAC/MBAA setups:

  • GGAC: Aurora Borealis, OrionxElite, Qwerty, Meowmix, Gamma, Magz(?), Honnou

  • MBAA: Tsubasa, YAT

  • Surge Protectors/Extension Cords: 0

  • Chairs: LOTS

  • BYOC

Tournament Entry: $5 Singles, $6 Doubles

According to PhaethonH,

Side Tournament Entry: $1 - $3
Here’s my rules on running, official, side tournaments:

  1. Setups being used, for the main events, must be finished prior to any side tourneys. The only exception is if there are unused stations being used for Jojo’s bizarre adventure or any other otaku fantasy (several people comes to mind >:3).
  2. You must have a minimum of 5 people entering the tournament; winner takes all.

Casual Stations:
Here’s the rules on running casual setups:

  1. Setups being used, for the main events, must be finished prior to casuals. End of story.
  2. If the tournaments are done, then you can grind those casuals till the chicken crows in the morning.

[FONT=“Arial Black”][LEFT]You may be paying for venue service, but you are still responsible CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF, NOT COME IN SMELLING LIKE A HOBO, OR NOT DO YOUR MORNING HYGENE! We are not your moms![/LEFT]

Notice to Those Who Arrive On-Time:
If you’re bringing a setup, then please try to show up, at least, 30 minutes prior the tournament time. Once you register, look for the person who is hosting the tournament. When they’ve, successfully, figured out the brackets, then the tournament will start.

Notice to Those Who Arrive Late:
We are going to be a stickler about starting on time. We’re going to be hosting two GGAC tourneys and MBAA on the same day; this excludes the side tournaments that are, likely, going to happen. I do not want to stay till midnight trying to finish up a double elimination bracket. Humans get hungry and have sadlifes. I understand that people stay up till 4am watching loli animu, or whatnot, but find the balls to contact me if you’re running late. I found it, rather, ridiculous that volunteers - from the community - busted their asses off to get the, free, venue prepped up on time…
[right]…only to discover that people showed up 3 hours late.[/right]

From now on, we will have monthly gathering EVERY first Saturday of the month. Since our first Revival session was a success, the next one will be a full on ranbat. WORD OF CAUTION TaoFTW will not be hosting this next tournament. Hence, I will empower you people, from the community, to create brackets, seeding, and organization. When that happens, I’ll empower you guys with bigger venues and host tournaments. Right on?

If you need carpooling, then be sure to post, and PM, your appointed drivers. Drivers are listed in Chapter 5

Last Minute Updates:
Alright guys. With the ranbat hype just a few days away, here’s some final pointers from TaoFTW and Ginseng:

  • We’re expecting 40 people, total, from the MBAA/GGAC community. I want someone to squeeze in an extra TV, plus laptops, for casual setups. If you have the power to bring any extra equipment, then I empower you to bring them! Post them here, on dustloop/meltybread, and I’ll make room for them. Even if we don’t use the TVs/PS2s, I would rather have a surplus of one - or two - TVs + ps2s just in case an accident happens.

  • Lots of people, with limited setups, means longer waiting time than usual. Bring a DS, PSP, or mash Tekken 6 with Derrick - he’ll love the competition.

  • Do your personal hygiene before coming! I know this is self-explanatory, but nobody likes to take a wiff of heavy HOBO MAN JUICE! glances over at sprt juice

  • Last, but not least, have fun! This ranbat is, ultimately, about building new social networks within a competitive stronghold. I know half of the community, but have - yet - to hear from the rest of you flunkies. I have high expectations from you guys and you should expect the same from I.

Remember, I’m always open for constructive criticism.

Why, you might ask, have I gone through the trouble to resurrect this - so called - dead scene here in Nor Cal?

Chapter 1: The Beginning
One day, while waltzing into NCR, I turned my head to see a scruffy hair’d man with jeans sagging down to the floor - rolling his eyes left and right - playing Blazblue. My jaw dropped as my eyes bulged out of it’s sockets,

“What?! I never knew Nor Cal Regionals had a BB casual session. What did you do?” I screamed in disbelief.
“I saw a TV open and used it to hook up my XBOX for Blazblue.” Responded the scruffy hair’d man.

Somehow, someway, we managed to draw a crowd bigger than the t6 crew while mashing away in our casual session. Needless to say, I had a dream.

“I have a dream that one day on the red hills of [nor cal] the sons of former [Blazbluers] and the sons of former [Street Fighters] will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood.”

Chapter 2: The Quest for :3
I have a favor to ask you SJSU and De Anza folk. In an effort to re-ignite the fire in nor cal’s GG, BB, and MB scene, I’m trying to secure a venue to hold MONTHLY sessions. Yes, you heard me - monthly - gatherings. This would include:

  • Casual Sessions
  • Ranbats
  • Future Nor Cal Major including: BBCS, GGAC, MBAA

I’m tired of seeing every single venue ax these games out of every major. Therefore, I figured it’s high-time we start up something of our own caliber. Wherefore,

“Hold your ground, hold your ground! Sons of [Nor Cal], of [sadlife], my brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of woes and shattered shields, when the age of men comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you ‘stand, Men of the [Nor Cal]!’”

If you want to revive nor cal, then I ask for you to scrounge for a venue. I do not have the necessary assets to rent hotel space, but I’m looking! If all else fails, then we will use SJSU bowling alley as our last resort.

But take heart! The battle has, yet, to be won!

Chapter 3: What’s a Good Venue?

You’re more than welcome to use the venue as a catalyst - and extension - for the BB/GG/MB community. The keyword here is, ‘empowerment.’ If you can do it, then - by all means - take initiative and open up a venue for us. There are a few, personal, pre-requisites to opening up venues:

  1. Plethora amount of space for numerous setups.
  2. Ample chairs.
  3. Internet Connection is - highly - preferable (live stream).
  4. Convenient - free - parking.
  5. Close to loliJohn approved eateries (you have to assume that some people carpool’d, took a bus, or walked to the venue).
  6. Exclusive for gatherings only (no deafening rap music like in the SJSU bowling alley).
  7. Ability to be open during summer vacation.
  8. BBCS*
  9. If possible, then no venue fee.

Also, HD TVs tend to carry conversion lag. Please test them to see, whether or not, they’re usable.

  • = Preferably close to a BBCS cab. If not, then that’s okay. The whole point in setting up this venue is to pave the way for future ASW console port games.

Chapter 4: The Quest For Venues
Here’s the following finds:

Corporate Venues:

  • N/A

College Campuses:

  • Devry University Multi-Purpose Room (Fremont)

Store Venues:

  • MGL (Milpitas Golfland)

PhaethonH’s house (Sunnyvale)

  • No more than 8 people.
    Aginor’s home (Sunnyvale)
  • Invitation only, but can host up to 20 people comfortably.
    Wolf Pup TK’s home (Sunnyvale)
  • Can only host up to 5 people.
    loliJiang (Mt. View)
  • No more than 8 people.
    Ginseng’s home (Milpitas)
  • Invitation only, but can host up to 20 people comfortably.
    Qwerty’s house (Mt. View)
  • Up to 10 people + Sean (20 minutes, of walking distance, from Caltrain Station)
    Abstract (Redwood City)
  • Going back to Indiana, but will be around for the summer.
    Rod (Daly City)
  • As many people possible.

Derrick’s Office (Redwood City)

  • Whenever he feels like it.
    Ehuangsan’s Office (Mt. View)
  • Weekends only.

Currently looking at:

  • SJSU campus
  • Hotels
  • San Mateo Arcade

Chapter 5: Driving is Imminent
Nor Cal Drivers:

  • Spirit Juice (if he still cares about Nor Cal…)
  • PhaethonH (Sunnyvale)
  • Wolf Pup TK (Sunnyvale)
  • Sarsapari (Mt. View)
  • Ginseng BBCS Only (Mt. View)
  • Goryus BBCS Only (Sunnyvale)
  • CopperDabbit BBCS Only (San Mateo)
  • ixRenegade BBCS Only (San Jose)
  • KatanaDash (Santa Clara)
  • Magz (San Jose)
  • Kijiyama GGAC Only (San Jose)
  • Buzzsaw (San Jose)
  • Tsubasa (San Jose)
  • Shining Aquas (?)
  • TaoFTW (Cupertino)
  • Bucklemyshoe (209 only)
  • JacerX (Modesto)
  • Newtypeseed (Manteca/Ripon/Stockton)

Nor Cal People Who Need Carpools:

  • Honnou (Daly City)
  • Tenkai (Daly City)
  • Qwerty (Mt. View)
  • Dakanya (Palo Alto)
  • Arvoyea (Sacramento)

Thread updated with new information.

Guilty Gear Accent Core/Melty Blood Actress Again tournaments on live stream now at Derrick’s office in Redwood City, California.

Thread now updated with new information on Ranbat setup. Cross posted from,

To address any possible downtime or inaccessibility issues with, I’ve mirrored the prereg form on another site. If you’ve already preregged, there’s no need to prereg again so don’t!