What’s the cheapest way to get started on collecting these bad boys? I already own Dante, Megatron and Prime. I want all the Eva’s, Gaiking, Getters and the new Valkries. @ almost $25.00 a pop, what’s the cheapest you guys have found your for?

You use money, and buy them.

That is the cheapest way.

There is a site where you can get them for like 15 each. ( the actual non jacked up for anime nerds price )

I am trying to find it right now. I was all into them for like a week, but I am too poor to be into anything right now.

I have Revy, Dante, Giant Robo, and GR2. ( Funny story, I thought GR2 was the good robot because he looked like Gigantor and Giant Robo was the bad guy. I then got the OVA because I bought some stupid figures and learned the truth. ONGGG!!! The End )

I’m kinda pissed that they didn’t use this Fraulien shit for Revy. She has like 3 total Revoltech joints.

EDIT - Here ya go phat ass…

EDIT 2 - Doesn’t your damn husband work for a toy place where he writes reviews? Shouldn’t he just be getting these for free? So many questions…

This is that damn husband. :wink: We both quit Popcultureshock/Buzzscope almost 2 years ago. If I were still writing reviews (and sometimes i wish I never quit), I’d most certainly have all the Revoltech’s by now. Every website I check, they’re asking $19.99 - $26.99 + shipping. I just wanted to see where you’re getting yours from…

Thanks for the link. I’ll check 'em out.