Revolucion 2011 Results


Marvel vs Capcom 3

1: Doomscyter
2: LSG Stone
3: Jan
4: HyperSurge
5: PozerWolf
5: Andy
7: JDR
7: Jojo
9: LSG Sinister-X
9: Chuvylicious
9: Carbocation
13: Fubarduck
13: Panda
13: Moo
13: Jugger-not
17: David
17: LSG House
17: Phelps
17: SkyKing
17: Grey Fox
17: YMK
17: LSG Spin
25: Assbob
25: EHeroJ
25: Wes
25: BlackMagic D
25: DSB
25: Steve
25: Maximo254
25: BigNasty
33: Jewelman
33: Jamikaze
33: Ham
33: Rico
33: Nori
33: Rosales
33: Eric H
33: DFW Kent
33: Ryan A
33: LSG Papi
33: Ross
33: Rico FMV
33: Just Chris

Super Street Fighter 4

1: HyperSurge
2: LSG Sinister X
3: Fubarduck
4: Jewelman
5: JDR
5: LSG Stone
7: Jan
7: Just Chris
9: BNasty
9: YMK
9: itnotJoJo
9: GMMA Josh
13: Panda
13: Rayn A
13: Chuvylicous
13: CocaineisCool
17: DFW Kent
17: Pozerwolf
17: amrak
17: Jerry2Bad
17: WorldSlayer
17: LSG Spin
17: TinFoil
25: CarboCation
25: LSG House
25: Eric
25: Vaccant1
25: Cole Train
25: Black Magic D
25: HFCS
25: DFW Jeff
33: Andy
33: System
33: Maximou254
33: Hamm
33: David
33: Kutari
33: Rosales
33: BeanNCheez
33: ASDF567
33: DSB
33: YungMoney
33: AssBOB
33: The MC Clusky
33: MurdaMoo
33: bambooski
33: JC Dead
49: OG
49: ROMANtechs

Tekken 6

1: Knicks
2: Overall
3: Super Nacho
4: Jojo
5: Fubarduck
5: Jack
7: Jody
7: Rico FMV
9: Rudy2time

Points for the SA Ranbats will be posted soon. DFW Bar Fights guys will have the points for the UCSC.

Shoutouts to DFW Jeff and Kent for helping us with equipment. You guys were a tremendous help. Please make sure to check out their Texan Bar Fights Round III on March 5th.

Thanks to everyone from all over Texas and San Antonio for coming.

Thanks also to the TO Nori and Chickenwing, and also Spin for helping out a lot.

Next event will be announced soon!


On behalf of alamo gaming, I want to thank chickenwing and spin for helping tremendously with running ssf4. Also a huge shoutout to dfw games for coming out and providing systems and games. And finally, huge help from lone star gaming for providing games and systems as well. Great effort by everybody. And to everybody who showed up on time, I sincerely apologize for not starting on time. Many out of town people showed up very late and I waited for them.

I hope everybody enjoyed the venue gamelot also, the owner cliff has put a lot of love for the fighting game community in his store by greatly expanding the back for us.

More shout outs later, busy letting work ruin my life:(


I’m an idiot for not mentioning Lone Star Gaming. They were a great help as well. Next SA Ranbats will be at Lone Star Gaming.


Dammmmmmm I didn’t know steve took first. Good shit.


DFW for president! Wait, I mean good job Steve.


mirror matches are soo gay :frowning:


Here are the UCC points for each tournament:

Marvel vs Capcom 3 had 45 entrants which awards 5 points for 1st

1st Doomscyter - 5 UCC Points
2nd LSG Stone - 4 UCC Points
3rd Jan - 3 UCC Points
4th HyperSurge - 2 UCC Points
Tie for 5th PozerWolf - 1 UCC Point
Tie for 5th Andy - 1 UCC Point (if Andy has a gamertag let me know for the database)

SSF4 had 50 Entrants which awards 6 UCC Points for 1st

1st HyperSurge - 6 UCC Points
2nd LSG Sinister X - 5 UCC Points
3rd Fubarduck - 4 UCC Points
4th Jewelman - 3 UCC Points
Tie for 5th JDR - 2 UCC Points
Tie for 5th LSG Stone - 2 UCC Points
Tie for 7th Jan - 1 UCC Point
Tie for 7th Just Chris - 1 UCC Point

Tekken had 9 entrants which awards only 1st place one UCC point
1st Knicks - 1 UCC Point

For more info on what the UCC Points are for, see the UCSC Thread here


It was a cool tournament, I enjoyed myself.
Also for those salty at losing in MvC3, don’t worry guys, it’s still a new game. 3 weeks from now, the top 8 results will be completely different next tournament, so don’t give up ;p


HyperSurge counter-picked me with Gief! :frowning: :frowning:


ogmaster: I gave chickenwing the extra copy of mvc3 before I left. Make sure you get into contact with him about where it is.


I’ll get on that right away. Thanks.

Here are the finals videos. You have to watch LSG Stone use Phoenix in the videos. In part 2, his Dark Phoenix took out 3 character (2 with full health) in about 10 seconds.




All I’ve gotta say is wtf Rudy, wtf? :lol:

Couldn’t stay long but was good to see so many people there. GGs to Carbo and Jewel, good shit to hypersurge and all the placers. See yall next time.


Yo, this is Chickenwing.

First off and i know i said this in person. I have to extend my apologies to the DFW Crew. I wasn’t trying to be an asshole or mean or any of the sort. However, since i talked to them later on that night it was all in good.

Jojo, the issue was addressed to me, and honestly the only logical thing that may have happened is that someone may have picked up the copy thinking it was theirs since we were by some monitors also. It happens, but i rather that happen than all the prize money i was watching end up missing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyone letting me host. Nori and myself realized where and what we did wrong and all we can really do is learn from it. And we’ll continue to improve. Honestly, i haven’t done one of those in awhile but i’ll do it again for the community. Just give me a call :slight_smile: