Revolucion! in San Antonio TX results thread

I want to proudly say this is the largest tournament I’ve ever organized. It was also in turn, the hardest and most involving event I’ve ever been a part of making. While a number of things didn’t go according to plan (like Demon Jim said, tournaments starting on time is about as likely as finding a unicorn), I’m glad there was mostly positive review, and everything really enjoyed the venue. On to shoutouts:

My two biggest shoutouts:

Justin, aka “EvoStatus” or Darksyde, Brandon from Gamestop, and his brother Grayson: We really worked hard on this together, and it paid off. Let’s get Gamestop to listen up, and get the recognition we deserve.

I managed to assemble the A-team of TO’s for this event with only a month and half of preparation, here they are:

DuggFin, Xyro, UTD Zac, DoH: Thank you so much for pretty much taking care of everything smash related. If this was a smash only tournament, I couldn’t imagine a better team.

Nori, Chickwing, and Rob Jones: Thank you for taking care of Street Fighter IV and Tekken 6. I had intended to run Street Fighter IV myself, but as anyone saw, I couldn’t stay in one place for more than a few minutes. Big thanks for taking care of it.

Demon Jin, Pozerwolf: Thanks for taking care of Marvel and Blazlblue. I’m sorry we couldn’t get Blazblue started earlier, I know it sucked people dropped out. We managed to still get it done, albeit on 1 TV.

Nem and Mexiwont: Thanks for taking care of 3rd Strike and CvS2. I’m glad they didn’t get canceled and ran smoothly thanks to you two.

1: Jan ($472.50)
2: Jewelman ($135.00)
3: OPP ($67.50)
4: Mexiwont
5: Andrew P
5: Sinister-X
7: Winchester
7: Joe Vera
9: Adnan Delgala
9: Kristopher Gomez
9: JoshJJ
9: I Love Weed
13: Earthworm Vince
13: CallMeKeo
13: [ ‘_’ ]
13: Tory Wu
17: Josh Tover
17: Sean Wikcoxson
17: Vincent Flores
17: Masterer Betty
17: Assbob
17: Oscar Sanchez
17: Hamm
17: Brian Jones
25: Dragoon
25: Dat Jump Off
25: Legendary Gokou
25: ARC
25: D-man
25: Spoo Radley
25: Dr Butcher MD
25: Zev
33: JonJin210
33: Richard H
33: Arthur Williams
33: Damage
33: Dirty P
33: Jerry V
33: Richard Castillon
33: Ozshinji
33: Kelevra
33: Big Nasty
33: Dest556
33: Jump in the fire 83
33: Ever greatest

Tekken 6:

1: DJ Kor - Bob
2: DevilJim - Julia
3: JOP - Jack-6, Paul
4: Overall - King, Dragonuv
5: George - Panda
5: Ramin - Steve
7: JinKid - Devil Jin
7: Agustin Calderon - Bruce
9: SA_Rob - Nina
9: Ayos - eddy
9: Dale - Paul
9: Jojo -
13: Surf and Destroy - Leo, Kuma?
13: Nori - Alyssa
13: Super Nacho - Baek
13: NYCKS - Ganryu, Marduck
17: Boy George - Nina
17: RO-Ro - Asuka
17: Mucha Lucha - King
17: OPP - Alyssa
17: IceColdEdge - King
17: Face -
17: Jayson - King
17: Hitman210 -
25: John Calloway -
25: Earthworm Vince -
25: Kaito -
25: Peru -
25: Anthony Trinidad -
25: David Filth -
25: Sethlon -
25: 210!! -
33: D-Man -
33: The Chief -
33: Demon Jim -

3rd Strike:

(11 Entrants)

  1. JD ($39) Didn’t lose a single game.
  2. [’_’] ($11) Lost to JD twice.
  3. Winchester ($5) Lost to JD in winner’s finals and [’_’] in loser’s finals.
  4. Tin
  5. mexiwont
  6. Dest 556
  7. Richard H
  8. Arthur
  9. David Filth
  10. Mooo
  11. Dragoon

MVC2 Results Top 4

  1. HAMM
  2. Joey H
  3. TIN
  4. Super_duperkidd

Smash results are on Smashboards.

SC4 was canceled due to lack of players.

More to come. TO’s on that list, post em up or PM me and I’ll add them.

Great tourney! My name is Adnan Degala though haha

I liked the Venue Alot , Kyle and justin Thanks for Making S,A Look good. All the peeps that Came out of Town Hope yall had fun and thanks for making time of supporting the scene .:woot:

Heres what I can remember for CvS2. We had 13 entrants. I know top 3 are accurate, from there its a blur.

  1. Gene aka Buckethead (Houston)
  2. Nem aka Legendary Gokou (San Antonio)
  3. JD (Austin)
  4. Jan (Houston)
  5. David Filth (Mission)

MVC2 Results Top 4

  1. HAMM
  2. Joey H
  3. TIN
  4. Super_duperkidd


glad to see all the homeboys around texas make it to the tourney. :tup:
good games too all, and good shit to Adam(jewelman) for get 2nd place, moving up from the streets. :wink:

good shit yesterday guys, and good job Kyle on making it all happen

you definitely need to get a tournament at UTSA, i’d gladly do whatever i can to help with it

it was fun. I keep forgetting how much of a difference there is between the PS3 version and 360 version especially with Fei’.

Me vs Winchester was TOO close.

the tournament was amazing yes and the level of saltiness on spin and kris G’s part made it even better

3s top 4

  1. JD
  2. [’_’]
  3. Winchester
  4. Tin

I’ll post the rest later, right now my compy is on the fritz.

Good games to everyone I played. I’ll see most of y’all soon.:tup:

Ggs to the people i played in marvel… thanks joey for taking my money lol… next time no rematches…

fonzo ggs lol i had you twice nice come backs…

So when is the next tourny in sa…

OPP was aka spin… woot top 3. i am guessing tekken results will be on tekkenzaibatsu? add my name to the sf4 help. fyi. replace nori with my name. yes very salty jewelman. i jumped in way to much. good job coming back from losers

I wanted to Eliminate Jewelman :sad: lol

Good games to those that I played in SF IV. They were mostly close, even though I played like hot garbage. I have no complaints, the matches I lost i deserved to lose.

And for those who entered CvS2, you have my thanks. It went from having just two people to ending up with 13. Glad it was able to happen, although I think that the chances of their being another CvS2 tournament are slim to none. Congrats to Gene for getting first!

from what i saw genes blanka was too good

good shit to all placers and nice meeting everyone!

i shoulda been t3 in 3s even though all i do is mash =/

forgot rule #1 - blocking


Oscar got forth on CvS2, Jan got 5th, tied with big chris
Everybody who joined 3s never had a chance haha

fun tourney
I’ll actually join SF4 in the upcoming tourneys
gotta rep that ken, everybody is telling me I gotta quit using him :rofl:

You got that right
almost impossible to figure out in just two games
I dont know the matchup against Blanka at all

I still think I played CvS2 really good considering it was the first time I touch it since like 2 months ago or so

…on the fritz?? roflmao!!

:party: i am happy to say the tourney was a great success!! :party:

i am exited to have brought the scene to San Antonio once again!!

it actually brings tears to my eyes :sad: [happy tears] lulz

GGs to all last night had a blast there got to step up my game up . Good stuff to paul and brandon adnan you got to work on that viper xd viper mirror ftw !!!