Revolution 2 - Manila, Philippines - Sept. 26, 2009

What: The second Revolution SF4 Tournament Games would be held on the PC System/PS3 Console(Subject to change)

When:September 26, 2009, 12 pm onwards. Registration starts at 12 pm.Tournament starts at 2 pm.(you can also register by email at

Where: Snap & Play, 2nd Floor University Mall.
Entry Fee and Prizes: P200.00 for the entrance fee. Entrance fee will be collected for the pot. (Subject to change)

1st Place wins 70% of the total pot
2nd Place wins 20% of the total pot
3rd Place wins 10% of the total pot


  • all characters are allowed
  • Each match is best out of 3, while the rounds are set to best out of 3 also.(subject to change).
  • Round time 99 seconds
  • Double Elimination (subject to change)
    -No forms of physical and/or verbal intimidation outside of the gameshall be used whatsoever. This is a friendly tournament people.
  • One Character per Player
  • Switching of Characters is not allowed
  • No macros are allowed(Except on pad where you can set one button for 3 buttons)
  • You can bring and use your own joystick/gamepad at your own discretion
  • The Tournament director has the final decision
  • Joysticks are now available for people who doesn’t want to use pad(Unfortunately only 2 are available at a time)
    -Wireless controllers/joysticks are not allowed.

Frequently asked questions!!
Q: How often will you be hosting these tournaments?
A:Depending on the turnout. I’m looking at doing this every other month.The higher the turnout, the more often these tournaments will be held.

Q: Why should I join this tournament? Won’t all the ‘pros’ be there?! I won’t have a chance of winning!
A: Because of this.
The above link is a must-read in my opinion.

And also because I hope we’ll all have a good time knowing the rest of thepeople in the Philippines SF4 scene. Let’s all have fun playing this game that we all love together!

For those that think they’re really good, come down and prove it.

Q: Why are you hosting this tournament? What do you have to gain from it?
A: I don’t receive any money whatsoever from this. There are two big reasons why I’m doing this.

  1. To get the whole SF4 Philippines community together. Currently, it’s pretty fragmented.
    2)To increase the level of SF4 play in the Philippines. The possibilityof that, and I want to put Philippines’ SF4 scene on the world map withmatch videos and hopefully see some Pinoys at international tournamentssoon!

If you have any more questions you can contact me through:
email -
yahoo id - kane_warhead
contact number: 09178122583