Revolutionary new fighting game in the works

Ok, I’ll skip straight to the good stuff. There’s a new fighter in development, can’t say who is making it, just that I am a member of the team working on the game. The features are as follows:

-PC only(you’ll see why soon enough)
-Highly advanced graphics engine, ingame graphics look as good as Tekken Blood Vengeance. Like this:
Yes, that is how it will look INGAME.
-Highly developed combat system rivalling DMC and Bayonetta, fights will look and feel like a crazy high speed action flick(ie, unlike SF and Tekken which are just two guys moving back and forth slowly)
-Realistic damage system, complete with body damage, limb damage, and death blows
-Lots of blood and gore and ultraviolence including fatalities, tearing out opponent’s intestines, ripping off limbs and beating them with them as they scream, horrific travesties that would even make the Nazis feel sickened
-Unique soundtrack composed of industrial, brutal grindcore metal, and electronic music
-Setting is a somewhat futuristic city, full of crazy technology and seedy elements in the underbelly. Enter the most hardcore tournament ever for fame, glory, or even one wish your heart desires!
-Fight in a fully developed world, anywhere you please. Fight in the backalleys, the rooftops during a rainy night, on a speeding train in the city, prison cagematches, highways with speeding cars, even a casino!
-Enjoy the seedy criminal elements of the city, such as the S.E.X. mode(buy hookers and have a wild time ingame! Even become a pimp and sell civilians into sexual slavery!), selling illegal narcotics(which you can use during fights as well), become an arms dealer and rack up the cash, and much more!

Coming late 2013/early 2014!

sounds like the most glitchy game in the world

Not really, we’re ensuring a quality, professionally made product.

Who are you, and who is it you are referring to?